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  • iClone PRO EX 5.1

    iClone PRO EX 5.1

    Reallusion Inc. - 185.4MB - Demo -
    iClone3 EX is the free trial edition of iClone3 PRO, which includes the full PRO features for 30 days and unlimited features of iClone Standard with no expiration. more info...
  • graphviz 2.28.0

    graphviz 2.28.0

    Stephen C. North - Open Source -
    graphviz is a set of graph drawing tools and libraries. It supports hierarchical and mass-spring drawings; although the tools are scalable, their emphasis is on making very good drawings of reasonably-sized graphs. more info...
  • BRL-CAD 7.10.4

    BRL-CAD 7.10.4

    Erik Greenwald - Open Source -
    BRL-CAD is a powerful constructive solid geometry solid modeling system that includes an interactive geometry editor, ray-tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, path-tracing for realistic image synthesis, network distributed … more info...
  • Staden Package 1.6.0

    Staden Package 1.6.0

    James Bonfield - Open Source -
    The Staden Package is a set of interactive toolsfor DNA sequence assembly and editing, as well asDNA and protein sequence analysis, the best knownof which is "gap4". more info...
  • TeraCopy Pro 2.2

    TeraCopy Pro 2.2

    Code Sector Inc. - 1.5MB - Demo -
    TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, also providing you with a lot of features: * Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. more info...
  • JCreator Pro 4.50

    JCreator Pro 4.50

    Xinox Software - Shareware -
    JCreator is a powerful interactive development environment (IDE) for Java technologies that provides more power at your fingertips than all the ordinary editors. more info...
  • Alligator Flash Designer 8.0.30

    Alligator Flash Designer 8.0.30

    Selteco - Demo -
    Use more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, Rotate. Built-in browser displays your animation exactly how it will look like on the Web. Export SWF files, size optimized for faster display. more info...
  • Hotwire 0.710

    Hotwire 0.710

    Colin Walters - Open Source -
    Hotwire is intended to replace the interactivecommand execution portion of a typical Unix shell.It includes much of the functionality found in thecombination of a terminal emulator, a shell, andcore utilities like ls and grep. more info...
  • SciDAVis 0.1.2

    SciDAVis 0.1.2

    Knut Franke - Open Source -
    SciDAVis is an interactive application aimed atdata analysis and publication-quality plotting. Itcombines a shallow learning curve and anintuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interfacewith powerful features such as scriptability … more info...
  • AGM Build

    AGM Build

    niki - Open Source -
    AGM Build is a molecular builder andconformational editor. It can be used forinteractive model preparation for moleculardynamics simulations, including association ofatom types and partial charges. more info...