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    MG Software - Shareware -
    연결 하나 또는 두 개의 플레이어 전략 게임 어려움 세 가지 수준으로. 격자 셀을 점 들을 연결, 우리 처럼 애 들 종이에 다시 옛날에. 각 셀은 경기장에는 4 면. 측면을 옆에 클릭 하십시오. 사람 (또는 컴퓨터) 셀의 마지막 오픈 측면에 클릭 하 여 셀을 가져오고 포인트를 벌고. 재생 친구 또는 컴퓨터 게임.당신은 셀, 폭탄 경우 마이너스 포인트 보너스 경우 더 많은 포인트를 폐쇄에 대 한 포인트를 적립. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Leap Frog 3.12

    Leap Frog 3.12

    MG Software - Shareware -
    Like Reversi, this Windows game is a one or two player strategy game with 8 levels, each level has a unique playing field. To play the game you simply jump your opponents frogs to turn them into your dragons. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • 2 Power 1.14

    2 Power 1.14

    MG Software - Shareware -
    From MG Software, 2 Power is a pure strategy logic game with beautiful Ray-traced graphics, simple to play but very challenging and a lot of fun. The playing field is filled with colored blocks. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Andor 2.23

    Andor 2.23

    MG Software - Shareware -
    You are trapped in the Andorian planetoid system. To escape the system you must solve a series of mind bending puzzles. Get past the laser energy fields, grab the key and make it to the exit of each puzzle. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • 22 Puzzle-Logic Games 2.32

    22 Puzzle-Logic Games 2.32

    MG Software - Shareware -
    From mazes to mahjongg to tetris and more. 22 challenging kidsafe games for all ages. This award winning game pak will keep you thinking and has something for everyone, test your brain on our strategy games or just waste some time with … 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Tunnel Out 2.2

    Tunnel Out 2.2

    MG Software - Shareware -
    Swap directional blocks to tunnel out of the mountain . This one or two player strategy game has five levels to complete. To win a level, you must be the first to tunnel out of the mountain (or trap your opponent). 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Triple Blocks 2.3

    Triple Blocks 2.3

    MG Software - Shareware -
    From MG Software, Triple Blocks is one of Monty's Games for Windows. The playing field is filled with colored blocks. The object of the game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field with the fewest swaps. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Quad Block 1.12

    Quad Block 1.12

    MG Software - Shareware -
    Outwit the computer in this simple but very addictive strategy-logic game. Prevent the game field from filling up with blocks by moving them so they form lines of 4 or more of the same color. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Puzzle Pak 2.1

    Puzzle Pak 2.1

    MG Software - Shareware -
    The four puzzle games are -Spoker v2.0Hedges v2.0Neighbors v2.0Bee Hive v2.0Spoker - the playing field is made up of rows and columns of hubs with a number in each hub. The number is the correct spoke count coming from the hub. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Monty's Mazes 3.12

    Monty's Mazes 3.12

    MG Software - Shareware -
    Montys Mazes is a very unique multilevel animated maze game that will challenge you with biting snakes, shooting cannons and one way teleports. Find your way to the exit of each maze while earning as many points as possible. 더 많은 정보 ...