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  • Free Youtube to Mp4 Converter

    Free Youtube to Mp4 Converter

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    MP4 변환기 형태로 미디어 프리웨어 무료 Youtube 유튜브 다운 좋아하는 Youtube 동영상을 다운로드 하 고 m p 4 파일 형식으로 변환 하는 비디오 변환기와 혼합입니다. App는 그들의 PC에 Youtube 동영상을가지고 싶은 사람들을 위해이 애플 리 케이이 션 있어야 응용 프로그램 만드는 많은 유용한 기능이 있다. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free Virtual Keyboard  4.1.0

    Free Virtual Keyboard 4.1.0

    Media Freeware - Shareware -
    무료 가상 키보드는 화면 키보드에 윈도우의 모든 기능을 가지고 간단하고 사용하기 쉬운 휴대용 응용 프로그램입니다. 성능 향상으로 인해 Microsoft Windows 키보드를 대체할 수 있습니다. 응용 프로그램 내부에는 시각 효과가 빌드되지 않습니다. 따라서 매우 빠르게 실행됩니다. 시각 효과는 없지만 이 훌륭한 키보드에 여러 테마를 적용할 수 있습니다. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free Spider Solitare
  • Free RMVB Player 1.0

    Free RMVB Player 1.0

    Media Freeware - Freeware -
    The RMVB is a simple and free software application that allows the users to view the collection of Real Media Variable Bitrate files. This software application installs quickly with a simple click of the mouse. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free Voice To Text 1.0

    Free Voice To Text 1.0

    Media Freeware - Shareware -
    This tool is nothing but automatic dictation software. This could be useful in many situations. With this fast world, people do not have time to even type. Thus this tool comes in picture. It saves a lot of time of the user. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free VOB Player 1.0

    Free VOB Player 1.0

    Media Freeware - Freeware -
    VOB is the software that is mostly used in DVDs. However, with much advancement in technology, it has become easier to watch videos, listen to music, record, etc. on portable devices such as mobile phones, iPods, etc. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free Time Tracker 1.0

    Free Time Tracker 1.0

    Media Freeware - Freeware -
    The Free Time Tracker is ideal for all those professionals who get paid by the hour. The time spent by them on each project or job can be tracked on a real time basis on any devices and in a convenient manner. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free XLSX Viewer 1.0

    Free XLSX Viewer 1.0

    Media Freeware - Freeware -
    Opening, viewing and printing of MS Excel worksheets is made possible with the Free XLSX Viewer. It is ideal for all those users who have not downloaded MS Office onto their devices. 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free DICOM Viewer 1.0

    Free DICOM Viewer 1.0

    Media Freeware - Freeware -
    Anyone who is related to the medical industry would understand the importance of DICOM. It is an acronym for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine and is a standard for medical imaging and allows users to store, print and share … 더 많은 정보 ...
  • Free NIV Bible 1.0

    Free NIV Bible 1.0

    Media Freeware - Freeware -
    NIV is the acronym for New International Version. The Free NIV Bible is therefore, a translation of the Book which can act as an easy reference guide at any point in time and anywhere. 더 많은 정보 ...