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plsql svn

  • FlashDevelop 5.3.3

    FlashDevelop 5.3.3 - 29,1MB - Shareware -
    FlashDevelop offers first class support for ActionScript (2 & 3) and Haxe development. Great completion & code generation, projects compilation & debugging, plenty of project templates, SWF/SWC exploration etc. mehr Info...
  • UEStudio


    IDM Computer Solutions, Inc. - 52,6MB - Shareware -
    UEStudio is the powerful IDE built on the chassis of UltraEdit, the world renowned text editor. UEStudio includes all the features of UltraEdit plus Native Support for over 30 popular compilers, an Integrated Debugger, Integrated VCS … mehr Info...
  • Databrid 1.3

    Databrid 1.3

    Databrid - Freeware -
    Databrid is a database browsing, retrieval, andmanipulation tool for Oracle and MySQL Databases.Functionality includes SQL autocompletion, syntaxand word highlighting, auto case adjustment,schema browsing, and the ability to save or … mehr Info...
  • Deltopia DeltaWalker 1.9.7

    Deltopia DeltaWalker 1.9.7

    Deltopia - Shareware -
    DeltaWalker, Deltopia's file and folder comparison and synchronization software application/diff tool for Windows, lets you compare, edit, and merge files and synchronize folders—local and remote. mehr Info...
  • SVNAccess


    JuniorJ - Shareware -
    SVNAccess is a small Web application which letsone manage the access to SVN repositories througha simple interface. It uses existing Apachepassword files/users and stores information in aMySQL database in order to generate … mehr Info...
  • Easy SVN Browser

    Easy SVN Browser

    Karel Kubat - Open Source -
    Easy SVN is a subversion browser via the Web. It'seasy because only a command line svn program andPerl are required to run it; no extra softwareneeds to be installed. mehr Info...
  • Subversion/CVS Security Access Control

    Subversion/CVS Security Access Control

    WANdisco - Freeware -
    WANdisco's Subversion/CVS Access Control providesfull authorization, authentication, accesscontrol, and audit capabilities that go wellbeyond what Subversion and CVS provide on theirown. mehr Info...
  • dANN


    Jeffrey Phillips Freeman - Open Source -
    The dANN project is a library to help facilitate artificial neural networks, artificial intelligence, and artificial genetics within other applications. It is currently written in Java, C++, and C#. mehr Info...
  • xRecurseDiff


    matteo lucarelli - Open Source -
    xRecurseDiff is a small program that can rapidly traverse entire directory trees to show the differences between different copies of the same file. It can be useful for code analysis, expecially for collaborative development. mehr Info...
  • AXE SVN Sync

    AXE SVN Sync

    Daniele C. - Open Source -
    AXE SVN Sync is a PHP5 tool that mirrors two SVN repositories by reproducing each and every commit. It's useful when it's not possible to perform other mirroring or synchronization. mehr Info...
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