matlab 论坛 matlab r2007a

matlab 论坛 matlab r2007a

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matlab 论坛 matlab r2007a

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matlab 论坛 matlab r2007a

  • MATLAB 8.2

    MATLAB 8.2

    The MathWorks, Inc. - Freeware -
    MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. mehr Info...
  • Scilab 51.52

    Scilab 51.52

    Scilab Enterprises - 124,4MB - Open Source -
    Scilab is a numerical computation system similiarto Matlab or Simulink. Scilab includes hundreds ofmathematical functions, and programs from variouslanguages (such as C or Fortran) can be addedinteractively. mehr Info...
  • Image Analyzer 1.38

    Image Analyzer 1.38

    Image Analyzer - Freeware -
    Advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis software. The program contains both most image enhancement features found in conventional image editors plus a number of advanced features not even available in professional photo suites. mehr Info...
  • MATLAB Production Server R2013a 2.1

    MATLAB Production Server R2013a 2.1

    The MathWorks, Inc. - Shareware -
    Millions of engineers and scientists worldwide use MATLAB® to analyze and design the systems and products transforming our world. mehr Info...
  • Agilent IO Libraries Suite 14.2.8931.1

    Agilent IO Libraries Suite 14.2.8931.1

    Agilent Technologies - Shareware -
    This tool automatically detects instruments connected to your PC and configures the interfaces.Also this tool enables instrument communication for a variety of development environments (Mathworks MATLAB,Agilent VEE Pro, NI … mehr Info...
  • CellProfiler


    CellProfiler - Shareware -
    CellProfiler is a system for analyzing cellimages. It is designed for biologists withouttraining in computer vision or programming to makequantitative measurements of cells in thousands ofimages automatically. mehr Info...
  • TPT


    Epson Engineering Europe - Shareware -
    TPT ist ein modellbasiertes Testwerkzeug für den Test eingebetteter Systeme, insbesondere für den Test von Steuerungs- und Regelungssystemen. TPT unterstützt alle wichtigen Bereiche des Testprozesses. mehr Info...
  • annie


    Asim Shankar - Open Source -
    annie is a C++ API (library) for neural network training and execution. It can be linked to both Windows and Linux applications. Support for multi-layer perceptron networks, radial-basis networks, and Hopfield Networks is present. mehr Info...
  • IDL2Matlab


    Farhi Emmanuel - Shareware -
    IDL2Matlab is a program for automatically translating a program from IDL into Matlab and Scilab. IDL and Matlab are two major numerical languages for scientists. Scilab is a free Matlab-like language. mehr Info...


    Andrew Knyazev - Shareware -
    Block Locally Optimal Preconditioned EigenvalueXolvers (BLOPEX) is a package, written in C andMATLAB, that includes an eigensolver implementedwith the Locally Optimal Block PreconditionedConjugate Gradient Method (LOBPCG). mehr Info...
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matlab 论坛 matlab r2007a