• Sib Icon Studio 4.2

    Sib Icon Studio 4.2

    SibCode - 4,2MB - Shareware -
    Hiermit präsentieren wir Ihnen Sib Icon Studio 4.02 - eine neue Softwarelösung und einer der besten Symbol- und Cursorbearbeiter. mehr Info...
  • Sib Icon Converter 3.2

    Sib Icon Converter 3.2

    SibCode - 1,2MB - Shareware -
    Sib Icon Converter converts Mac OS icons, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, WMF, PCX, TIFF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and CUR formats into multi-resolution Windows icons. mehr Info...
  • Sib Mobile Imager 2.1

    Sib Mobile Imager 2.1

    SibCode - Shareware -
    Have you ever wanted to have an all-in-one solution for transferring images to mobile phones, irrespective of their model or brand? mehr Info...
  • Sib Icon Replacer 2.32

    Sib Icon Replacer 2.32

    SibCode - 0,8MB - Shareware -
    Have you ever been upset with the way you program icons look? Are you a developer finishing a new application and looking for a quick way to add a finishing touch to your work and meet the deadline? mehr Info...
  • Sib Icon Editor 5.15

    Sib Icon Editor 5.15

    SibCode - 2,1MB - Demo -
    Sib Icon Editor is your way for creating and editing PNG-packed Windows Vista icons; icons in either standard or custom sizes, in color depths up to 16 million colors; icons for Windows XP in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha channel. mehr Info...
  • Sib Font Editor 2.22

    Sib Font Editor 2.22

    SibCode - 0,8MB - Shareware -
    Sib Font Editor is a font-creation solution required to design quality bitmap fonts. It satisfies the needs of typographers and graphic designers as well as beginners. mehr Info...
  • Professional Icon Set 3.50

    Professional Icon Set 3.50

    SibCode - Demo -
    Security Icon Set ist eine perfekt zusammengestellte Stock Icons Sammlung für kommerzielle und persönliche Produkte, inbegriffen Software Applikationen, Webseiten und Präsentationen.Die Icons sind sorgfältig Pixel auf Pixel von Profi … mehr Info...
  • Navigation Icon Set 2.7

    Navigation Icon Set 2.7

    SibCode - Demo -
    Navigation Icon Set is a collection of royalty-free stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations.Icons are carefully created pixel by pixel by the hand of a … mehr Info...
  • Medical Icon Set 3.10

    Medical Icon Set 3.10

    SibCode - Demo -
    Medizinische Symbolbibliothek ist ein umfassender Symbolsatz, der meiste Medizinanwendungen abdeckt. Diese Sammlung ist sowohl für kommerzielle als auch für persönliche Verwendung, was die Programmanwendungen, Webseiten, Blogs und … mehr Info...
  • E-Mail Image Generator 2.1

    E-Mail Image Generator 2.1

    SibCode - 5,8MB - Freeware -
    Spam messages can be called the scourge of all Internet users nowadays. According to recent studies, half of email messages received by active users are spam messages, which results in a number of undesirable consequences for … mehr Info...