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tango circuit pcb

tango circuit pcb


tango circuit pcb

  • EAGLE 9.0.0

    EAGLE 9.0.0

    CadSoft Computer GmbH - 86.8MB - Shareware -
    鷹是一個介面友好、 功能強大、 可負擔得起的軟體的高效電路板設計 (PCB 設計) 和結合 + 原理圖編輯器、 佈局編輯器和自動佈線程式在一個單一的介面上。通過啟用各種功能,如類比、 實現個人指令序列、 資料匯出和導入共用打開的源使用者語言程式 (ULPs) 保證最大的靈活性。達到客戶功能提供訪問資料和價格上超過 400 萬的產品從紐華克、 泛和 14 元。 更多資訊…
  • Proteus Professional 8.1.17358

    Proteus Professional 8.1.17358

    Labcenter Electronics - 312.5MB - Shareware -
    變形桿菌是虛擬系統模型 (VSM) 電路模擬、 動畫的元件和微處理器共同類比完整的微控制器根據設計模型結合起來。這是工程師在構建即時物理樣機之前測試其單片機設計的完美工具。這個程式允許使用者交互的設計螢幕上使用指標和 (或) LED 和 LCD 顯示,如果連接到 PC,開關和按鈕。變形桿菌 7.0 的主要元件之一是電路類比效果 — — 使用 SPICE3f5 類比模擬器內核結合事件驅動的數位模擬器,它允許使用者利用任何香料模型由任何製造商的產品。Proteus VSM … 更多資訊…
  • TinyCAD 2.80.08

    TinyCAD 2.80.08

    dvddecrypter.org.uk - Freeware -
    TinyCAD is a program for drawing electrical circuit diagrams commonly known as schematic drawings. Is a program to help you draw circuit diagrams. It comes complete with symbol libraries to get you started straight away. 更多資訊…
  • Silicon Laboratories CP210x VCP Drivers for Window 6.7.3

    Silicon Laboratories CP210x VCP Drivers for Window 6.7.3

    Silicon Laboratories, Inc. - 3.7MB - Freeware -
    CP210x 是單片機 USB 到將資料流量 USB 和 UART 格式之間轉換的 UART 橋。晶片還包括了一個完整的 USB 2.0 全速功能控制器、 橋樑控制邏輯和 UART 介面與傳輸接收緩衝區和數據機握手信號。 更多資訊…
  • GPU Monitor 11.041.44

    GPU Monitor 11.041.44

    GPU Usage - Freeware -
    With this GPU Monitor gadget you can display your Vendor, Model, GPU (Clock Speed, Temperature, Usage), Memory (Clock Speed, Size, Usage), Fan (Speed, Usage), Shader Clock Speed, PCB Temperature and PCI Express.It does not require any 3rd … 更多資訊…
  • GRID Autosport

    GRID Autosport

    GRID Autosport - Shareware -
    Grid Autosport is a racing video game developed and published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows. In the game, the player acts as a racing driver with opportunities to start and build their own racing career via the single-player Career … 更多資訊…
  • DipTrace 3.1

    DipTrace 3.1

    Novarm, Ltd. - 26.1MB - Shareware -
    DipTrace is an advanced PCB design software application that consists of 4 modules: PCB Layout with efficient auto-router, Schematic Capture, Component and Pattern Editors that allow you to design your own component libraries. 更多資訊…
  • Circuit Diagram  3.1

    Circuit Diagram 3.1

    Circuit Diagram - Shareware -
    A user-friendly program for making electronic circuit diagrams. 更多資訊…
  • FIFA 1

    FIFA 1

    Electronic Arts - Shareware -
    FIFA is a crowd favourite and a lounge staple. In this head-to-head league, there is an opportunity to win a share of the. Gather your friends, colleagues or over 18 family members. 更多資訊…
  • Ferrari Virtual Race

    Ferrari Virtual Race

    Ferrari Virtual Race is a racing simulator that allows gamers and players to race a Ferrari (which is customizable at the Atelier) around the legendary Mugello circuit for ultimate virtual Ferrari driving experience. 更多資訊…

tango circuit pcb