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crs cittadino

  • Farm Frenzy 2.0

    Farm Frenzy 2.0

    Farm Frenzy - Shareware -
    溜進工作服一雙,然後再試你的手在運行一個農場 !從撫育費到哪裡你的奶牛放牧收集雞蛋在城鎮市場發售的欄位、 瘋狂農場是令人興奮為真實的東西,只有你將不必經歷的令人討厭的氣味 !然而,你將需要投資你在新設備中賺到的錢。建設乳酪乳製品,例如,允許你處理你當場的牛奶,讓更多的現金 !要打敗一個層次中瘋狂農場,您必須完成特定的任務,如生產一定數量的雞蛋。每個新的級別是庫的比更具挑戰性了,所以你必須增加你的容量,並提高您的生產設施的性能。你甚至可以買一輛大卡車能夠為市場提供更多的商品 … 更多資訊…
  • Empire Earth II 1.20

    Empire Earth II 1.20

    Empire Earth II is a real-time strategy video game developed by Mad Doc Software and published by Vivendi Universal Games. 更多資訊…
  • Children of the Nile 1.2

    Children of the Nile 1.2

    Assegai Screen Saver - Shareware -
    Children of the Nile is a city-building game set in ancient Egypt, developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment. Unlike many similar titles, there is no treasury of abstract currency with which the player constructs buildings and issues edicts. 更多資訊…
  • open2300


    Kenneth Lavrsen - Open Source -
    Open2300 is a package of software tools that reads (and writes) data from a Lacrosse WS2300, WS2305, WS2310, or WS2315 Weather Station. 更多資訊…
  • XolidoSign


    Xolido Systems, S.A. - 16.9MB - Freeware -
    XolidoSign allows you to perform advanced digital signature (CadES) and/or timestamp for all the documents you need (PDF native Signature, Word, Images, Excel datasheet, Databases, Videos ).XolidoSign performs a verification of your … 更多資訊…
  • Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (Win)

    Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (Win)

    Disk Doctor Labs Inc - Shareware -
    Disk Doctors Photo Recovery (Win) is comprehensive recovery software for any Digital Media that allows users to recover deleted and lost photos, music and video files from basic format to high-end raw image formats for most popular … 更多資訊…
  • Spatial Manager Desktop

    Spatial Manager Desktop

    Spatial Manager - Shareware -
    Spatial Manager Desktop is a desktop application designed to manage spatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.Developed by a group of professionals working in the areas of GIS, Planning, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering, it … 更多資訊…
  • Bit4Id - CSP e PKCS#11 per la CRS Lombardia - 1.2.11

    Bit4Id - CSP e PKCS#11 per la CRS Lombardia - 1.2.11

    Bit4Id - Freeware -
    Software CRSCon il software CRS, detto anche Postazione Di Lavoro (PDL) del cittadino, sono possibili le operazioni più avanzate offerte dalla CRS.Infatti il software permette:•l'autenticazione forte (SSL v3), tramite il certificato … 更多資訊…

crs cittadino