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4tube young 14处

  • GG


    Longgame - Shareware -
    GG 是每個遊戲玩家和甚至年輕線民知道作為"好遊戲"abreviation。這個縮寫常用的線上遊戲後一場比賽已經結束,作為一種良好的姿態。體育精神。 更多資訊…
  • Cake Mania 2.0

    Cake Mania 2.0

    CollectionOfGames - Shareware -
    説明年輕的貝克顯示大壞的業務誰有老闆在這快節奏的對待!當零售巨頭"巨型沃爾瑪"移動時,吉爾的心愛家庭麵包店被迫關門。但她已決心重振與美味的甜點做成這筆生意。説明吉爾開一家麵包店,帶來客戶,和賺足夠的錢來重新打開她的祖父母的麵包店!48 水準與四個不同的麵包店,蛋糕工坊是樂趣的充滿了令人垂涎。讓我們亂打! 更多資訊…
  • Doom


    Activision - Commercial -
    厄運是第一人稱射擊遊戲的內容可能不適合年幼的孩子,而且是較舊的一大樂趣。是一個免費軟體克隆,基於對末日的 3d 引擎與新地圖和怪物作出改進。 更多資訊…
  • Rust 2017.1.2.34239

    Rust 2017.1.2.34239

    Mozilla Foundation - Shareware -
    生銹, 一個相對年輕的程式設計語言, 但在我的經驗, 它有顯著的效用, 在某些類型的問題。以前我們討論過 Codeship在這篇文章中, 我們將討論鐵銹, 特別強調其有效的應用利基, 以及在2016年將面臨的語言的接受挑戰。系統程式設計的現代景觀。不幸的是, 作為一個藝術術語, "系統程式設計" 是一個比較寬泛的方面。"系統程式" 是用來服務其他軟體元件並具有某種形式的。 更多資訊…
  • Slime Rancher

    Slime Rancher

    Monomi Park - Shareware -
    Slime Rancher is the tale of Beatrix LeBeau, a plucky, young rancher who sets out for a life a thousand light years away from Earth on the 'Far, Far Range' where she tries her hand at making a living wrangling slimes. 更多資訊…
  • Nox


    Anachronox - Shareware -
    Nox, an action role-playing game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It details the story of Jack, a young man from Earth who is pulled into a high fantasy parallel universe and has to defeat the evil sorceress … 更多資訊…
  • Turtix 1.1

    Turtix 1.1

    Dark forces have invaded a once peaceful land and kidnapped all of the young turtles from the School of Magic! Join the brave Turtix as he sets out to rescue them! 更多資訊…
  • Vampireville


    Valusoft - Commercial -
    Vampireville, a hidden object, puzzle, adventure game with three-dimensional characters and dynamic addictive gameplay. Players must open secret doors, dig through the archives, catch bats, analyze blood samples, play golf and learn about … 更多資訊…
  • Hoyle Card Games 2012

    Hoyle Card Games 2012

    Encore Software - Commercial -
    Hoyle Card Games 2012 is the largest & most comprehensive collection of card games available for your PC & Mac! Choose card game favorites like Poker, Gin Rummy and Hearts or try your hand at Cribbage, Euchre or Spades. 更多資訊…
  • Game Jackal Pro 5.2

    Game Jackal Pro 5.2

    SlySoft, Inc. - Shareware -
    Game Jackal Pro is a product that has been designed to remove the need of having to always use your CD/DVD to play your games. I can here the cry going up "Have you never heard of Virtual Drives". Well yes I have. 更多資訊…

4tube young 14处