Vitaliy Levchenko

  • Icons from File 4.02

    Icons from File 4.02

    Vitaliy Levchenko - Freeware -
    Extracts icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.) with ability to scan folders to search for EXE, DLL, OCX files, which contain icons. 更多資訊…
  • Exportizer


    Vitaliy Levchenko - 2.8MB - Freeware -
    Database utility for viewing, editing, filtering, copying, exporting database files (DB, DBF, TXT, CSV, etc.) to clipboard or file (XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, TXT, CSV, DBF) with full command line support. 更多資訊…
  • Rename*us 4.2.3

    Rename*us 4.2.3

    Vitaliy Levchenko - 2.1MB - Freeware -
    Free file utility, which allows to quickly rename group of files at once. It is very useful for renaming the group of files of similar types (pictures, databases, etc.).You can select folder with files to rename. 更多資訊…
  • Exportizer Pro 8.1.0

    Exportizer Pro 8.1.0

    Vitaliy Levchenko - 3.7MB - Shareware -
    Database tool for viewing, editing, filtering, copying, exporting tables of different formats (DB, DBF, MDB, XLS, GDB, IB, HTML, UDL, DBC, TXT, CSV) to clipboard or file (XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, TXT, CSV, DBF) with full command line support. 更多資訊…
  • Reportizer UA

    Reportizer UA

    Vitaliy Levchenko - Shareware -
  • Rename Us Pro 4.2.3

    Rename Us Pro 4.2.3

    Vitaliy Levchenko - 2.4MB - Shareware -
    File tool, which allows to rename or copy group of files at once. When renaming or copying, the file names are changed according to the rules user specified in the project. 更多資訊…
  • Платіжні Документи Плюс

    Платіжні Документи Плюс

    Vitaliy Levchenko - Shareware -
    Программа для быстрого создания, хранения и печати платежных поручений, счетов-фактур, товарных и налоговых накладных, касовых ордеров, актов выполненных работ, доверенностей на получение ТМЦ. Включает большое количество реестров. 更多資訊…
  • Платіжні Документи
  • Reportizer Viewer 6.1.9

    Reportizer Viewer 6.1.9

    Vitaliy Levchenko - 3.5MB - Freeware -
    Database reporting utility. Allows previewing, printing or exporting database reports, created in Database Tour Pro or Reportizer. Works with databases via BDE or ADO. 更多資訊…
  • Reportizer


    Vitaliy Levchenko - 5.3MB - Shareware -
    Database reporting tool. Easy creating, modifying and printing database reports.Allows to manage report collections.Works via BDE or ADO (ODBC) with many database types like DB, DBF, TXT, MS Access, etc.Tested on … 更多資訊…