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micrograph publishers

  • Akamai NetSession Interface

    Akamai NetSession Interface

    可以安装在您的计算机以提高速度、 可靠性和效率为下载和溪流从互联网安全的应用程序。很多软件和媒体出版商使用它向您提供的文件或流。如果软件或媒体发布服务器使用该功能,如果您启用它,NetSession 还可以使用您的上传带宽量小,使 NetSession 界面下载的发布服务器的内容从您的计算机的其他用户。NetSession 界面在后台运行,并使用您的计算机资源或上传带宽的微不足道,不积极下载内容时。 更多资料...
  • Adobe InDesign CC 13.1

    Adobe InDesign CC 13.1

    Adobe InDesign CC 是使设计人员能够创建和发布高质量的文档范围广泛的数字和印刷媒体行业标准发布软件。Adobe InDesign CC 允许您设计、 印前检查,和发布范围广泛的内容为打印、 web 和平板电脑应用程序。它提供精确控制排版,建在创意工具、 直观的设计环境,以及与 Adobe Photoshop、 插画家、 Acrobat,Adobe 动画紧密结合。InDesign CC … 更多资料...
  • Kindle Previewer 2.922

    Kindle Previewer 2.922

    Kindle Previewer - 179.6MB - Shareware -
    Kindle Previewer is a graphical user interface tool that emulates how books display across Kindle devices and apps. Kindle Previewer makes it easy for publishers to preview the layout of a book and make sure its text displays properly for … 更多资料...
  • NexusFont 2.6.1

    NexusFont 2.6.1

    hexilesoft - 2.3MB - Shareware -
    NexusFont is a font manager with all you could need for TOTAL control of a large number of fonts, ideal for advertisers and publishers with many fonts installed on their systems.At first, it opens showing all the existent fonts in the … 更多资料...
  • DNA


    BitTorrent, Inc. - Freeware -
    BitTorrent DNA 是一种基于 BitTorrent 协议的免费内容传递服务, 它将用户贡献的带宽的能力带给传统的内容发布商, 同时让出版商完全控制他们的文件。BitTorrent DNA 是一个内容传递服务, 使用 P2P 技术的力量, 使您的内容的接收者能够贡献他们的带宽, 从而减少您的内容交付账单。DNA 是完全安全的: 它是一个安全的、私有的、托管的对等网络。使用 DNA 不会导致您的内容出现在流行的文件共享网站上。dna … 更多资料...
  • Ghostery 8.2.0

    Ghostery 8.2.0

    Ghostery - Shareware -
    Ghostery is your window into the invisible web – tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons that are included on web pages in order to get an idea of your online behavior.Ghostery tracks over 1,200 trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad … 更多资料...
  • Sibelius


    Sibelius Software Ltd. - Shareware -
    Sibelius is the best-selling music notation software, offering sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools that are proven and trusted by composers, arrangers, publishers, teachers, and students alike. 更多资料...
  • AKVIS Enhancer 13.5

    AKVIS Enhancer 13.5

    AKVIS LLC - 10.8MB - Shareware -
    AKVIS Enhancer is image enhancement software that detects detail in underexposed, overexposed and mid tone areas of a photo. You can improve detail on a single shot or use the HDRI mode to create an HDR image out of a series of shots. 更多资料...
  • NeoPaint 5.3

    NeoPaint 5.3

    NeoSoft Corp. - 12.6MB - Shareware -
    A full featured graphics studio for Windows that's easy-to-learn, powerful and affordable! The perfect tool for Artists, Photographers, Website & Graphic Designers, Desktop Publishers, PowerPoint Users, Bloggers, App Developers … 更多资料...
  • AutoScreenRecorder Free 3.1.375

    AutoScreenRecorder Free 3.1.375

    Wisdom Software Inc. - 4.3MB - Freeware -
    AutoScreenRecorder 3.0 Free is a completely free screen recording software for you. It is free for unlimited personal and business use. It has no expiration date and can be distributed with free of charge. 更多资料...

micrograph publishers