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klondike ダウンロード

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klondike ダウンロード

  • SolSuite  18.11

    SolSuite 18.11

    TreeCardGames.com - 30.7MB - Shareware -
    SolSuite 纸牌是高质量的纸牌游戏集合。实现所有您最喜爱的游戏︰ 蜘蛛纸牌,克朗代克,空当接龙,金字塔、 高尔夫、 忙 Ace、 坎菲尔德,四十大盗、 四季、 地毯,花园、 胭脂 et Noir,蒙特卡罗...和原始的纸牌游戏,你再也找不到其他地方。每个纸牌游戏已超过 9 兆可能洗牌玩,所以游戏仍然记忆犹新,无论有多少次你玩。享受的详细统计数字的图形、 三维图表 (馅饼和酒吧) 和表以所有游戏估计你的技能级别 … 更多资料...
  • 123 Free Solitaire 123.2003

    123 Free Solitaire 123.2003

    TreeCardGames - Freeware -
    123 免费接龙 2008年的功能赢得的布局,快速游戏玩,丰富的声音、 广泛的选择和质量的帮助。每场比赛已超过 9 兆可能洗牌玩,所以游戏仍然记忆犹新,无论有多少次你玩。在 Windows XP 下 123 免费纸牌 2008年是完全换肤与 XP 主题和视觉样式。玩 123 免费接龙 2008 现在和带来的兴奋卡纸牌游戏的权利,你的个人电脑! 更多资料...
  • Free Solitaire 3D 4.4

    Free Solitaire 3D 4.4

    Grass Games - 5.8MB - Freeware -
    玩你最喜欢的纸牌游戏, 包括接龙, 蜘蛛, 差距和克朗代克, 免费!美丽的3D 图形, 完全可定制的板集, 独特的照明效果, 更使这是一个必须为所有接龙风扇。 更多资料...
  • Pretty Good Solitaire 18.1

    Pretty Good Solitaire 18.1

    Goodsol Development - 6.3MB - Shareware -
    Pretty Good Solitaire is a collection of 660 solitaire card games, from classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider, to original games found nowhere else. Pretty Good Solitaire contains a solitaire game for every mood. 更多资料...
  • Solitaire Plus! 3.0

    Solitaire Plus! 3.0

    GamesForOne.com - 6.5MB - Shareware -
    Solitaire Plus!, brought to you by GamesForOne.com, is a collection of solitaire games for the PC. The Klondike, FreeCell, and Pyramid favorites are included, along with multi-level Spider and 26 other challenging solitaire variations. 更多资料...
  • Pretty Good MahJongg 2.60

    Pretty Good MahJongg 2.60

    Goodsol Development - 4.2MB - Shareware -
    With Pretty Good MahJongg you can play the classic MahJongg solitaire tile matching game, MahJongg puzzle games, and original MahJongg solitaire tile games found nowhere else. 更多资料...
  • BVS Solitaire Collection 8.1

    BVS Solitaire Collection 8.1

    BVS Development Corporation - 5.6MB - Shareware -
    Enjoy classic and original solitaires with this popular set of 412 games. BVS Solitaire Collection includes all classic solitaire games like Monte Carlo, Seahaven Towers, Klondike, Scorpion, Spider Solitaire, Golf, Russian … 更多资料...
  • XM Solitaire 1.6

    XM Solitaire 1.6

    Petr Lastovicka - 2.7MB - Freeware -
    200 card games (Freecell, Klondike, Fan, Spider, Pyramid, Gaps, ...). Games layout and rules are declared in XML format. User can add his own cards and background BMP images. 更多资料...
  • Solitairex 3D 1.0.1

    Solitairex 3D 1.0.1

    Adirex Entertainment - Shareware -
    Solitairex 3D is a solitaire game that has 33 different solitaire variants. It is a collection of card games for one player commonly known as "Patience" games. Player has to reorder shuffled card deck according to each game rules. 更多资料...
  • Excellent Card Games 2.1

    Excellent Card Games 2.1

    Tower Software - Shareware -
    Excellent Card Games for Windows. 5 addictive card games with many many features and options. All scores are kept for any number of players. Use any BMP JPG GIF or PCX graphic file as wallpaper. 更多资料...

klondike ダウンロード