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hisuite 2019

  • ZWCAD+  2018 SP1

    ZWCAD+ 2018 SP1

    ZWCAD Design Co., Ltd - 229.8MB - Shareware -
    新功能,如动态块、唯一用户界面 (CUI)。NET 或与 DWG2013 的兼容性极大地扩展了其功能。一系列"智能"的新增加功能 - 智能和智能语音选择将工作变成乐趣。新版本一直强调云中的数据共享 - ZWCAD + Syble 将本地数据与 Web 上的虚拟磁盘同步,并且联机更新可确保设计人员正在处理 ZWCAD * 的当前版本。此外,在 PDF 文件、DWF 和 PLT 的处理方面进行了许多改进,除其他外,可以更精确地翻译打印图纸。 更多资料...
  • Block WebCam and microphone

    Block WebCam and microphone

    xSecuritas, Inc - 20.7MB - Shareware -
    如何阻止WebCam和麦克风?通过非法攻击您的网络摄像头或麦克风来窃取您的隐私成为一个问题。您可以使用网络摄像头封面,但在使用摄像头后可以忘记封面,并且没有其他方法可以防止麦克风黑客入侵。还有另一种方式。请尝试“阻止网络摄像头和麦克风”。您不再需要使用网络摄像头封面。已批准的程序(如Skype,Viber)可以使用摄像头和麦克风,但未经批准的程序无法使用摄像头。如果某些程序访问您的摄像头或麦克风,您将首先看到一个弹出窗口,要求您确认您的批准。您只允许将摄像头或麦克风用于您信任… 更多资料...
  • GStarCAD


    GStarCAD 2009 Professional( - 204.9MB - Shareware -
    GstarCAD, the most DWG/DXF compatible CAD software solution used in many industries, empowered by a high performance engine with powerful functions and familiar interface allowing users design, document, share drawings much easier and … 更多资料...
  • Block Ransomware and Backup

    Block Ransomware and Backup

    xSecuritas, Inc - 21.8MB - Shareware -
    如何阻止勒索软件和自动备份?有许多方法可以阻止勒索软件,恶意软件和病毒。但是,这些恶意程序继续发展,因此仅仅使用模式阻止恶意程序就会感染您的PC与其他恶意程序。有一种方法。请尝试“Block Ransomware and backup”产品。勒索软件,恶意软件,病毒等可能会渗入您的PC,但它不会损坏您的文件。此产品允许您将Desktop,Documents文件夹等设置为受保护的文件夹,并仅允许允许的程序(例如,MS … 更多资料...
  • LITIO 1.3.1

    LITIO 1.3.1

    LITIO - 1MB - Shareware -
    LITIO 1.3 is a sheet metal program that calculates flat (unfolded) sheet metal developments of ducts, rectangle to round transitions, cylinders, cones, pipe intersections, connections, bifurcations, elbows, etc. 更多资料...
  • Command Line Email Sending Tool

    Command Line Email Sending Tool

    isimsoftware - Freeware -
    Command Line Email Sending ToolSend Email From the Command LineCommand Line Email Sending Tool, email - Send mail via CMD consoleisimSoftware Command Line Email Sending Toolis a simpler command line tool to send email using SMTP. 更多资料...
  • CAD Viewer 6.0

    CAD Viewer 6.0

    CAD Viewer - Shareware -
    A light and fast viewer, designed to browse, view, measure and print DWG/DXF/DWF files, supporting AutoCAD drawing format from R2.5 to 2019.Key features: Designed for comfortable viewing of DWG/DXF file;Print DWG files; Print DXF … 更多资料...
  • MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Migration 5.1

    MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Migration 5.1

    MailsDaddy Software Private Limited - 4.8MB - Shareware -
    The MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Migration Tool is the easiest way for importing MS Outlook OST file data with the all attachments into Exchange Online environment. 更多资料...
  • Inspire NSF To PST Converter Software 4.5

    Inspire NSF To PST Converter Software 4.5

    Inspire Data Care - 3.2MB - Shareware -
    As we all know there is two major client that persists Lotus Notes and MS Outlook. Instances where users need to switch the email accounts to outlook from existing Lotus notes. Accessing NSF files directly is not possible. 更多资料...
  • QuickMigrations Thunderbird to Outlook 1.0

    QuickMigrations Thunderbird to Outlook 1.0

    QuickMigrations Software - 4.1MB - Shareware -
    For an easy and secure conversion from Thunderbird to MS Outlook use QuickMigrations for Thunderbird to Outlook software and get an error-free result in the Outlook in the form of PST file format. 更多资料...

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