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eclipse topcased

eclipse topcased


eclipse topcased

  • VMware Workstation 15

    VMware Workstation 15

    VMware, Inc - 429.9MB - Shareware -
    发现真正的力量和灵活性的 VMware 工作站您的台式计算机或便携式计算机。减少硬件成本的 50%或更多在单台 PC 上同时运行多个操作系统。自动化和简化任务,以节省时间并提高生产率。加入全球数百万人使用工作站到: * 主机的遗留应用程序并克服平台迁移问题 * 配置 & 测试新软件或修补程序在隔离的环境中 * 自动执行任务的软件开发和测试 * 展示在单台 PC 上的多层配置。 更多资料...
  • IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2018.3.3

    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2018.3.3

    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition - 277.8MB - Shareware -
    智能 idea 社区版, 一个功能齐全的 java ide, 没有时间限制或任何类似的东西。它似乎还不了解 2.3 sdk (我认为 sdk 的结构发生了变化, 因为我必须更新插件才能在 eclipse 中使用它)。将智能 idea 支持 2.3 sdk 发布后 (没什么大不了的, 因为大多数的变化发生在 ndk, 所以你仍然可以使用 2.2 sdk) 除此之外, 这是一个梦想成真。我们已经在 android 2.3 sdk … 更多资料...
  • Eclipse 4.9.0

    Eclipse 4.9.0

    The Eclipse Foundation - 183.2MB - Open Source -
    Eclipse is an open source community whose projects are focused on building an extensible development platform, runtimes and application frameworks for building, deploying and managing software across the entire software lifecycle. 更多资料...
  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland - Shareware -
    Alice in Wonderland is a platform video game developed by Digital Eclipse Software and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color. It was released in North America on October 4, 2000. 更多资料...
  • Solar System Simulator 3.0

    Solar System Simulator 3.0

    ymerlin - Open Source -
    s3 (solar system simulator) is an OpenGL/Glut based simulation of planets and moons in a solar system. All planets and moons are configurable with simple text-based config files. 更多资料...
  • Minimize To Tray 1.4

    Minimize To Tray 1.4

    RexTeam Ltd - Shareware -
    MinimizeToTray allows you to minimize application you want to system tray. You can minimize application by shortcut key. You may choose applications which will be always minimized to system tray.MinimizeToTray is easy to use. 更多资料...
  • Sky Chart 4.0.3575

    Sky Chart 4.0.3575

    Patrick Chevalley - Open Source -
    SkyChart is software to draw a map of the night sky for the amateur astronomer from a bunch of stars and nebulae catalogs. It shows the position of the planets, simulates an eclipse, and shows artificial satellites. 更多资料...
  • Web Services Intrusion Defense 1.0.0

    Web Services Intrusion Defense 1.0.0

    alphaWorks - Freeware -
    Web Services Intrusion Defense is an Eclipse plugin that validates the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) interface specification of a Web service, flagging any interface feature that could open a door to hacker attacks against … 更多资料...
  • Rational Application Developer 6.0

    Rational Application Developer 6.0

    alphaWorks - Shareware -
    Rational Application Developer enables developers with diverse technical backgrounds, and even those unfamiliar with Java, to quickly build rich, data-driven applications. 更多资料...
  • PFE for WASDX 1.0.0

    PFE for WASDX 1.0.0

    alphaWorks - Freeware -
    PFE for WASDX (Partitioning Facility Editor for WebSphere Extended Deployment) is an Eclipse plugin that makes it possible for users to create partitions.xml files that define a WASXD application's partitions and partition expressions. 更多资料...

eclipse topcased