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ipc shearch

  • GP-Pro EX 2.0.0

    GP-Pro EX 2.0.0

    GP-Pro EX là một phần mềm phát triển dễ sử dụng cho các đơn vị Pro-Face HMI và IPC. Với một loạt các công cụ phát triển ứng dụng, các tính năng chẩn đoán mở rộng và khả năng mô phỏng, GP-Pro EX có khả năng xử lý các ứng dụng HMI đòi hỏi … Thông tin thêm...
  • KATE 1.10.13

    KATE 1.10.13

    Haptek Inc. - 2,8MB - Freeware -
    K.A.T.E. IM Avatar Character System Leveraging the Global IPC, this application (code name KATE) brings together the advanced Instant Messaging system from Sonork and the lifelike avatars from Haptek. Thông tin thêm...
  • JSON-delta


    Phil Roberts - Open Source -
    JSON-delta is a multi-language software suite for computing deltas between JSON-serialized data structures and applying those deltas as patches. It enables separate programs at either end of acommunications channel (e.g. Thông tin thêm...
  • Msi Drivers Download Utility

    Msi Drivers Download Utility

    Msi Drivers Download Utility claims to make it easy for you to keep the drivers on your system up-to-date. The key features of Msi Drivers Download Utility: Excellent Ability to Fix Driver Issues: Are you annoyed with missing, outdated, or … Thông tin thêm...
  • Recool SWF to AVI Converter

    Recool SWF to AVI Converter

    Recool Software - Shareware -
    Recool SWF to AVI Video Converter is the best converter to convert SWF to AVI files. It can convert SWF to AVI player quickly with excellent quality. Thông tin thêm...
  • commonc++ 0.5

    commonc++ 0.5

    Mark Lindner - Open Source -
    commonc++ is a C++ class library for developing cross-platform systems software for POSIX and Windows systems. It provides an intuitive, object-oriented abstraction and portability layer around common operating system facilities like … Thông tin thêm...
  • Neoxen Qwined 5.4

    Neoxen Qwined 5.4

    Neoxen Systems - Freeware -
    Neoxen Qwined is a fully-featured Embedded Technical Editor supporting syntax highlighting for nearly hundred programming languages and configuration file formats out of the box. Thông tin thêm...
  • LCL


    c-tron - Open Source -
    The LinuxClassLibrary is a growing set of classes which everyone needs every day, that runs on all types of *nix and also on Win32. Currently it is a library that works in the background (non GUI). Thông tin thêm...
  • The Phix Programming Language 0.8.2

    The Phix Programming Language 0.8.2

    Phix - 9,1MB - Freeware -
    Phix is an open source, self-hosted, interpreted or compiled programming language with a strong emphasis on simplicity and plain human-readable error messages.No other compilers or similar tools need to be installed. Thông tin thêm...


    BMDFM - Freeware -
    BMDFM allows one to run an application in parallelon shared memory multiprocessor (SMP) systems.BMDFM automatically identifies and executes allparallelism of unparallelized programs due to thestatic and mainly dynamic scheduling of the … Thông tin thêm...
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