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  • Psi 0.15

    Psi 0.15

    Psi Team - Open Source -
    Psi is a free instant messaging application designed for the Jabber IM network (including Google Talk). Fast and lightweight, Psi is fully open-source and compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.With Psi's full Unicode support and … Thông tin thêm...
  • ShrinkTo5Basic


    ShrinkTo5Basic - Shareware -
    ShrinkTo5 is the new, powerful and fast DVD copying engine. ShrinkTo5 has been developed as a cross-platform engine available for free for anyone. Thông tin thêm...
  • SQLyog Community 8.32

    SQLyog Community 8.32

    Webyog Softworks Pvt. Ltd. - 11,4MB - Open Source -
    SQLyog is an all-round Management Tool (/'GUI'/'Frontend') for the MySQL database. MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.1.x are supported. SQLyog provides an efficient and intuitive User Interface for management of MySQL. Thông tin thêm...
  • PHP 7.0.9

    PHP 7.0.9

    PHP Development Team - 16MB - Open Source -
    PHP (recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") is a widely-used Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Thông tin thêm...
  • GExperts for Delphi 1.32

    GExperts for Delphi 1.32

    GExperts Development Team - Open Source -
    GExperts is a set of tools built to increase the productivity of Delphi and C++Builder programmers by adding several features to the IDE. GExperts is developed as Open Source software we encourage user contributions to the project. Thông tin thêm...
  • Zipeg


    Leo Kuznetsov - 1,4MB - Freeware -
    Zipeg is free utility for Windows.Zipeg opens and explores content of zip, rar, arj and other archives, preview files and images before you extract/unzip them. Thông tin thêm...
  • Poedit 2.2.4

    Poedit 2.2.4

    Vaclav Slavik - Open Source -
    poEdit là trình soạn thảo catalog gettext (. po Files) đa nền tảng. Nó được xây dựng với bộ công cụ wxWindows. Nó nhằm mục đích cung cấp một cách thuận tiện để chỉnh sửa catalog gettext với các tính năng như hỗ trợ các mẫu số nhiều, kiểm … Thông tin thêm...
  • DOSBox 0.74.3

    DOSBox 0.74.3

    Harekiet - Freeware -
    DOSBox uses SDL to emulate the PC hardware required for running old DOS games. This includes a 386 processor, an S3/Trio video card with some tweaks to allow for older display hardware like the Tandy, a Sound Blaster Pro, the PC … Thông tin thêm...
  • Universe 0.15

    Universe 0.15

    Allan Noordvyk - Open Source -
    Universe is an Open-Source game which resembles Master Of Orion. It is writtenin Java. The goal is to have as few arbitrary limits as possible, allowinggames as large as you wish. Thông tin thêm...
  • ZDoom 2.1.7

    ZDoom 2.1.7

    Jan Engelhardt - Freeware -
    ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source. It featuressupport for all Hexen editing features (including ACS, hubs, etc.),support for most BOOM editing features, freelook, jumping, andtranslucency support, a Quake-style … Thông tin thêm...