Nhãn Tetris

  • Tetris 2.6

    Tetris 2.6

    Crystal Office Systems - 0,9MB - Freeware -
    Các công ty đa phương tiện EleFun đã phát hành Tetris 5000 - một phiên bản làm lại của trò chơi nổi tiếng nhất trong thế giới Tetris. Trò chơi có nhiều thuận lợi và thực sự là đáng chơi. Thông tin thêm...
  • Amazing Blocks 1.4

    Amazing Blocks 1.4

    XDGames - Shareware -
    Amazing Blocks is another variation of the popular tetris theme. Here the player can use fast but simple logic to arrange different coloured blocks of varying shapes into rows, columns or diagonal lines. Thông tin thêm...
  • Metris 1.0

    Metris 1.0

    InspiredCode - 1,5MB - Shareware -
    Metris is a Musical Tetris game. It does not interfere with or depend upon any particular speech engines. It just assumes a screen reader is present. Thông tin thêm...
  • Techlogica TechTris 1.2

    Techlogica TechTris 1.2

    Techlogica - Freeware -
    Techlogica TechTris 1.2 is a free Tetris game with customizable background and block graphics, standard and extended block sets, and an extensive scorekeeping system.Customizable graphicsTechTris comes with several different background … Thông tin thêm...
  • 3D Blocks 2006 2.75

    3D Blocks 2006 2.75

    Microgameplay - Shareware -
    3D Blocks 2006 is a funny game, which added a whole new dimension of gameplay to classic Tetris --- it's from simple flat figures to twisted 3D blocks. Thông tin thêm...
  • 3D Meditator 1.5

    3D Meditator 1.5

    Alawar Entertainment - Shareware -
    3D Meditator is based on the idea of tetris. The game is unique with it's 3D effects. The bonuses are also unusual: "Bomb" (blows up several lines of blocks), rotating bonus (the glass turns over with all it's content), special figures and … Thông tin thêm...
  • 3DTetris 4.1

    3DTetris 4.1

    st@eding.de - Freeware -
    The goal of the game is to complete a layer with blocks without gap which will cause the layer to disappear. With ongoing time this will become more and more difficult as the speed with wich the blocks fall will increase. Thông tin thêm...
  • Teris-Tetris 5.0

    Teris-Tetris 5.0

    Tetris Games - Freeware -
    Probably everyone knows how play Tetris game, as the rules of the Tetris are known to everyone. Tetris game is a puzzle with the shapes each consisting of several squares, that are falling down the well. Thông tin thêm...
  • Teris03 5.0

    Teris03 5.0

    Tetris Games - Freeware -
    Blocks of various shapes fall from the top to form a solid row of bricks across the playing field. The goal is to try to remove rows as blocks fall down by rotating them and fitting in the most suitable place. Thông tin thêm...
  • TERMINAL Tetris 1.6

    TERMINAL Tetris 1.6

    Puzzle Game Download - Shareware -
    TERMINAL Tetris is an ultra-modern 3D remake of the all-time classic Tetris game. The game comprises two full tetris realizations with high quality 3D graphics, lots of visual effects, 3D sound and ear-pleasing music (12 professionally … Thông tin thêm...