Devhancer LLC

  • ShareWire 3.2

    ShareWire 3.2

    Devhancer LLC - 4,6MB - Freeware -
    ShareWire is the response of the developers to the need for a p2p file sharing program that combines the best features in most popular p2p clients conserving simplicity and user-friendliness.Based on the original … Thông tin thêm...
  • iXcelerator 3.4

    iXcelerator 3.4

    Devhancer LLC - 0,8MB - Freeware -
    iXcelerator is the indispensable tool whose utility no heavy downloader affords to ignore regardless of the p2p he/she is using or the Internet connection available - a universal file sharing accelerator to anyone's liking. Thông tin thêm...