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  • Remote Shutdown 3.4

    Remote Shutdown 3.4

    Coruscant Ltd. - Shareware -
    RemoteShutdown allows an NT/2K/XP Administrator to remotely shutdown any number of NT/2K/XP Workstations over which they have administrative control via either a GUI interface or a command-line interface. Daha fazla bilgi ...
  • AbortShutdown 1.0

    AbortShutdown 1.0

    Coruscant Ltd. - Freeware -
    AbortShutdown allows you to abort a remote shutdown made against your local machine, provided you have sufficient privileges.When a remote shutdown request is issued against your computer and the system dialog pops up to inform you, you … Daha fazla bilgi ...
  • SimpleActivityLogger 2.2

    SimpleActivityLogger 2.2

    Coruscant Ltd. - 1,3MB - Freeware -
    SimpleActivityLogger is a small DLL that hooks into Windows and records the following events: * System Startup & Shutdown * User Logon & Logoff * Console Lock & Unlock * Screen Saver start & stopThere is a also a small GUI … Daha fazla bilgi ...