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  • CamStudio 2.7.326

    CamStudio 2.7.326

    CamStudio.org - 10.9MB - Open Source -
    With CAMSTUDIO "Internet Marketers Version", output videos can now be viewed in Firefox AND can be redirected to a custom URL upon the end of the clip! more info...
  • PlantsVsZombies


    AiBolit - Shareware -
    What is Plants Vs Zombies? Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game made by PopCap Games and was conceptualized by George Fan. more info...
  • Startnow Toolbar 2.5

    Startnow Toolbar 2.5

    Startnow - Shareware -
    Startnow Toolbar is a web browser tool which offers you instant access to the most popular places on the web. more info...
  • Orbitum  56.0.2924.92

    Orbitum 56.0.2924.92

    Orbitum - 1MB - Shareware -
    Orbitum is an immersive rhythm-based reflex game that challenges players with its captivating mix of light and darkness. "This game is incredibly addictive - it truly has a hypnotic effect." - Pocket Gamer "With its sleek design and … more info...
  • DriverAgent 3.2016.1.28

    DriverAgent 3.2016.1.28

    Phoenix Technologies - 0.9MB - Commercial -
    DriverAgent by Phoenix Technologies DriverAgent by Phoenix Technologies is a powerful software application designed to help users keep their computer drivers up to date. more info...
  • MOBILedit! 12.0

    MOBILedit! 12.0

    Compelson Laboratories - 20.8MB - Commercial -
    MOBILedit is the universal phone management software that works with nearly all phones. After downloading MOBILedit to your PC, you can connect your phone via cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. more info...
  • E

    English 40.3.100

    Binary Strokes Inc. - Shareware -
    English is a base foundation of software development and is the global language of business. If your English is poor then you are out of the game no matter how good your programming skills are. more info...
  • AgaueEye 0.67

    AgaueEye 0.67

    XOptiray - 22.9MB - Freeware -
    a free hardware monitor for Windows, you can see your CPU/GPU/MB/HDD/RAM state in desktop or overclock your GPU, AgaueEye also support in-game overlay for popular games, so you can monitor the hardware state in games(over 3000 games … more info...
  • GAİN 10.0.3

    GAİN 10.0.3

    GAİN NEDİR? GAİN is a next-generation content platform that features diverse voices, different perspectives, and various types of content. This platform consists of innovative and entertaining content that values your time. more info...
  • Bebek Menüleri 0.53

    Bebek Menüleri 0.53

    Roosa Soft™ - Freeware -
    Doğru Beslenme Nedir?Ensuring your baby's healthy nutrition is essential for their development and lifelong well-being. Start feeding your baby fresh, preferably organic, unprocessed foods after weaning from breast milk. more info...
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webteh nedir