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Updating stars typically refers to rating or reviewing a product or service by assigning a star rating. This can be done on various platforms such as e-commerce websites, review websites, social media, and apps. The star rating provides a quick visual indication of the quality or user satisfaction of the product or service.

Below is a list of software products that allow users to update stars and provide star ratings for products or services:

  • Y


    Yotpo is a customer content marketing platform that helps businesses collect and showcase customer reviews, photos, and Q&A. It includes star ratings and review widgets. more info...
  • T


    Trustpilot is a platform that allows businesses to collect and manage customer reviews. Users can leave star ratings and detailed comments about their experiences. more info...

If you are looking for alternatives, here are some other software products that offer functionalities for updating stars and providing star ratings:

  • F


    Feefo is a customer feedback platform that provides tools for collecting reviews and ratings. It offers customizable star rating systems for businesses. more info...
  • B


    Bazaarvoice offers solutions for collecting and displaying user-generated content, including star ratings and reviews. It helps businesses gather feedback and engage with customers. more info...

udpate stars

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