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tera term 安装

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tera term 安装

  • Tera Term 4.71

    Tera Term 4.71

    doda, maya, yutakapon - Open Source -
    Tera Term is the terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows, that supports serial port, telnet and SSH connections. Among many other features it also has built in Macro scripting language. more info...
  • tera 28

    tera 28

    Tera is a flash memory manager (FTL) that frees developers from the volatility and constraints of a single-source flash memory driver while handling wear leveling, bad block management, and other vulnerabilities of NAND flash memory. more info...
  • Fitbit Connect

    Fitbit Connect

    Fitbit Inc. - Shareware -
    Fitbit Connect is a tool which allows you to sync your data from Fitbit devices. Fitbit will help you tell your weight, height, calories, etc. more info...
  • 1C:Предприятие 8 8.1.13

    1C:Предприятие 8 8.1.13

    1C Company - Commercial -
    1C:Enterprise 8 system of programs is intended for automation of everyday enterprise activities: various business tasks of economic and management activity, such as management accounting, business accounting, HR … more info...
  • Dell Power Manager 1.1

    Dell Power Manager 1.1

    Dell Inc. - Shareware -
    Dell Power Manager lets users change their battery settings and provides a feature called Advanced Charge that's designed to help prolong the life of their battery over the long term. more info...
  • Rust 2017.1.2.34239

    Rust 2017.1.2.34239

    Mozilla Foundation - Shareware -
    Rust, a relatively young programming language but in my experience, it has remarkable utility for certain kinds of problems. Previously on Codeship, we’ve talked about. more info...
  • PingPlotter 5.5.11

    PingPlotter 5.5.11

    Nessoft, LLC - 8.6MB - Shareware -
    PingPlotter is a network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for Windows. It uses a combination of traceroute, ping, and whois to collect data quickly, and then allows you to continue to collect data over time (over a period of hours, days … more info...
  • Brain Workshop 4.8.4

    Brain Workshop 4.8.4

    radix - Freeware -
    Brain Workshop is an implementation of the DualN-Back mental exercise. This exercise is the onlymental activity that is scientifically proven toimprove your short-term memory and fluidintelligence (IQ). more info...
  • Icecream PDF Converter 2.81

    Icecream PDF Converter 2.81

    Icecream Apps - 89.4MB - Freeware -
    Icecream PDF Converter is a converter of files from PDF and to PDF with easy to use interface and multiple advanced features. This program features 2 modes of functioning that are From PDF and To PDF. more info...
  • CIB pdf brewer

    CIB pdf brewer

    CIB software GmbH - 15.2MB - Freeware -
    CIB pdf brewer generates as virtual printer free PDF from within all Windows applications (capable for servers: Windows Terminal Server, CITRIX, network printer) with file size optimization, PDF … more info...
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tera term 安装