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  • Corel MediaOne Plus 2.100

    Corel MediaOne Plus 2.100

    Corel - Commercial -
    Find everything you need to organize your photo collection with Corel MediaOne Plus. View and share photos and videos, enhance picture quality, make creative photo projects and protect your digital images with this complete photo software … more info...


    Engelmann Media GmbH - Shareware -
    CDRWIN 6 - burns like hell. CDRWIN 6, that's easy recording your CDs and DVD It doesn't matter if you want to record a new disc, make a 1:1 copy (even of Video-DVDs) or if you want to burn cuesheets - CDRWIN 6 will handle this with a few … more info...
  • Hetman Uneraser 3.8

    Hetman Uneraser 3.8

    Hetman Uneraser - 14MB - Shareware -
    When your computer power suddenly goes off or you see a blue "screen of death", the first thought that comes to your mind is whether the document you were working on is still there. more info...
  • Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.6

    Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 9.6

    AccentSoft Team - 0.6MB - Shareware -
    Ever thought: "If I were a hacker...?" No, I don't mean you'd rob banks via the Internet. Being a hacker, though, you'd never have to re-write an annual report just because of a lost password for an Office document. more info...
  • Anyplace Control 7.0

    Anyplace Control 7.0

    Anyplace Control Software - 2.7MB - Shareware -
    Anyplace Control provides a secure way for you to access and control remote PC from anywhere in the world just like sitting in front of your remote PC. more info...
  • Flashpaste 6.21

    Flashpaste 6.21

    softvoile - 1.8MB - Shareware -
    Flashpaste is a great tool which hugely enhances the copy and paste ability of your computer, effectively allowing speed typing. Web programmers, software developers, customer assistance staff and many more will find this extremely useful. more info...
  • CDAID 3.20

    CDAID 3.20

    MarvinTec - Freeware -
    CD Audio Information Downloader (CDAID) lets you obtain CD information (i.e. artist, song title, etc.) from freedb over the Internet. No more guessing what the title of song 4 is or trying to remember the name of the CD in your tray. more info...
  • Public SyncTool 1.1

    Public SyncTool 1.1

    Public SyncTool - Shareware -
    Synchronise your Outlook with your Notebook. Public SyncTool provides a powerful synchronization, enabling consumers to keep all of their information, calendars, e-mail, contacts and tasks constantly up-to-date between a PC and a Notebook. more info...
  • C# CSV Reader 1.0

    C# CSV Reader 1.0

    X-Line Consulting - Shareware -
    C# CSV Reader is the fast, easy to use library for all your file reading needs. It is designed as a .NET library that you can add to your .NET solution and get parsing within minutes. more info...
  • Multiplayer Simon Says 1.0

    Multiplayer Simon Says 1.0

    Novel Games Limited - Shareware -
    Can you obey Simon's orders without being faked by the false commands? In this game for 2 to 3 players, your goal is to be the quickest to perform actions according to Simon's commands in all 20 rounds. more info...
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photostitch heißt