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  • XAMPP 7.2.7

    XAMPP 7.2.7

    Kai Oswald Seidler - 119.7MB - Open Source -
    XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use - just download, extract and start. more info...
  • OpenVPN 2.4.6-I602

    OpenVPN 2.4.6-I602

    OpenVPN Technologies, Inc - 1.6MB - Open Source -
    OpenVPN is a robust and highly configurable VPN(Virtual Private Network) daemon which can be usedto securely link two or more private networksusing an encrypted tunnel over the Internet.OpenVPN's principal strengths include … more info...
  • RetroShare 0.6.0

    RetroShare 0.6.0

    Dr Bob - Open Source -
    Retroshare is a cross-platform private P2P sharingprogram. It lets you share securely to yourfriends, using a web-of-trust to authenticatepeers and OpenSSL to encrypt all communication.RetroShare provides filesharing, chat, messages,and … more info...
  • Spamihilator 1.6

    Spamihilator 1.6

    Michel Krämer - 2.3MB - Freeware -
    Spamihilator works between your E-Mail client and the Internet and examines every incoming E-Mail. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out. more info...
  • Weezo 4.3

    Weezo 4.3

    Peer 2 World - 10.5MB - Freeware -
    Weezo turns your computer into a powerful and secure web server, thus enabling you both to access your PC for personal use (remote desktop, file exchanges, webcam monitoring...), and share your medias (photos, music, videos, files, Web … more info...
  • libwebserver


    Luis Figueiredo - Open Source -
    libwebserver is a library for adding Web-based remote interfaces to your programs. It is independent of other Web servers, easy to use, and supports HTTPS with OpenSSL. more info...
  • dim versioning tool

    dim versioning tool

    Marc Vertes - Open Source -
    Dim is a utility to help you track the changes ofitems (sets composedof multiple files). It provides commands to handlethe completelifecycle of version control operations: create alibrary, registerusers (code authors), create items, save … more info...
  • C++ Sockets

    C++ Sockets

    Grymse - Open Source -
    C++ Sockets is a cross-platform C++ wrapper forBSD-style sockets. It implements the TCP, UDP,ICMP, and SCTP transport layer protocols.Implemented application layer protocols areHTTP/HTTPS (using OpenSSL), SMTP (server), andAjp/1.3 … more info...
  • AS2Secure


    Sebastien MALOT - Open Source -
    AS2Secure is a PHP library that allows you to send and receive AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) messages from partners. The project is split into two parts: a client to send one or more documents to a partner and a server to receive one or … more info...
  • CERTivity KeyStores Manager

    CERTivity KeyStores Manager

    EduLib - Open Source -
    CERTivity is a powerful multi-platform visual tool for creating, managing, and handling different key store types (such as JKS, JCEKS, PKCS12, the Bouncy Castle types BKS and UBER, and Windows Native), public, private and secret keys in … more info...
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