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Online voting is a digital method for people to cast their votes over the internet rather than physically going to a polling station. It offers convenience and accessibility for voters, potentially increasing voter turnout and engagement.

Here are some software products that provide online voting solutions:

  • Voatz


    Voatz is a mobile elections platform that enables secure voting from anywhere using biometrics and blockchain technology. more info...
  • D

    Democracy Live

    Democracy Live offers a suite of online voting tools to facilitate accessible, secure, and transparent elections for remote voters. more info...
  • S

    Simply Voting

    Simply Voting is a secure online voting platform that provides custom voting solutions for organizations, corporations, and associations. more info...

If you are looking for alternatives, here are some other software products that offer online voting solutions:

  • E


    ElectionBuddy is an online voting software designed for conducting and managing elections with features like secure ballot processing and real-time results. more info...
  • P


    Polyas provides secure online voting systems tailored for various use cases, including political elections, corporate votes, and associations. more info...

nu vot

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