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  • Enigma 1.01

    Enigma 1.01

    Daniel Heck - Freeware -
    ENIGMA is a software tool to extract gene expression modules from perturbational microarray data, based on the use of combinatorial statistics and graph-based clustering. more info...
  • Mocha TN3270 for Vista 3.992

    Mocha TN3270 for Vista 3.992

    MochaSoft Aps - 1MB - Shareware -
    Mocha TN3270 for Vista provides TN3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe Access. Supports all standard 3270 emulation featuresAlternate screen size (24x80 or 32x80) SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in 128 bit mode (RC4 with MD5) User defined functions … more info...
  • Task Layout Optimizer for Blue Gene 1.0

    Task Layout Optimizer for Blue Gene 1.0

    alphaWorks - Freeware -
    Task Layout Optimizer for Blue Gene is ahigh-performance computing (HPC) Linux servicetool for efficient mapping of Message PassingInterface (MPI) tasks to the IBM Blue Gene/LSupercomputer. more info...


    Lars Arvestad - Open Source -
    PrIMETV is a program that can visualizetree-within-tree phenomena suchas gene/species tree reconciliations. Output canbe given in a range offormats, including PostScript, Fig, and SVG. more info...
  • Pipviewer


    Yannick Gingras - Open Source -
    Pipviewer is a visualizer for multiple alignmentsof genomic sequences. It highlights conservedregions and allows basic annotations. Its maingoal is to find conserved probes for theconstruction of gene order data sets. more info...
  • Vhybridize


    Yannick Gingras - Open Source -
    This package contains Virtual Hybridization tools.Virtual Hybridization uses sets of short probes togenerate datasets for comparative genomics: givena DNA sequence and a set of probes, the typicaloutput will give a sequence of oriented … more info...
  • BioConductor: software for bioinformatics 1.1

    BioConductor: software for bioinformatics 1.1

    AJ Rossini - Open Source -
    Bioconductor is a set of packages for R (a GPLdstatistical data analysis language) which focus onbioinformatics data analysis, especially geneexpression arrays (Affymetrix, cDNA spottedarrays). more info...
  • Mauve 2.1.1

    Mauve 2.1.1

    Aaron Darling - Open Source -
    Mauve constructs global multiple alignments ofrearranged genome sequences. It also provides aninteractive display of multi-species sequenceconservation and any annotated features in thosegenomes. more info...
  • OnScreen DNA Lite 1.0.2

    OnScreen DNA Lite 1.0.2

    OnScreen Science, Inc. - Freeware -
    Use OnScreen DNA Lite to learn or to teach in depth about the DNA molecule's structure. OnScreen DNA Lite gives everyone a free and "painless" way to grasp the details of the double helix structure of DNA and its chemical composition. more info...
  • Vocabulary Booster, Volume I

    Vocabulary Booster, Volume I

    Ace In-Home Tutoring - Shareware -
    The Vocabulary Booster, Volume I, can help the reader master essential yet problematic English vocabulary. Especially helpful for high school students who are preparing for the SAT, but also very useful for adults who want to get ahead in … more info...
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