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  • Audacity  2.2.1

    Audacity 2.2.1

    Audacity Team - Open Source -
    A fast multi-track audio editor and recorder for Linux, BSD, Mac OS, and Windows. Supports WAV, AIFF, Ogg, and MP3 formats. Features include envelope editing, mixing, built-in effects and plug-ins, all with unlimited undo. more info...
  • This Is the Police

    This Is the Police

    This Is the Police - Shareware -
    This is the Police is a police management simulation game developed by Weappy Studio and published by Nordic Games and EuroVideo Medien. more info...
  • Jack


    JACK is an environment for building, running and integrating commercial-grade multi-agent systems using a component-based approach. more info...
  • Jack Keane

    Jack Keane

    Jack Keane - Shareware -
    Jack Keane is a 2007 is adventure game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by 10tacle Studios. In the game, players assume the role of a hapless, swashbuckling adventurer and accompany him in his travels across 15 locations … more info...
  • MostFun Tradewinds 2 - Free Unlimited Play Version 2

    MostFun Tradewinds 2 - Free Unlimited Play Version 2

    MostFun Games - Freeware - is proud to bring you an unlimited-play version of this game as part of its collection of popular games! Defeat groups of pesky pirates as they try to plunder and pillage their way around the world. more info...
  • Nox


    Anachronox - Shareware -
    Nox, an action role-playing game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It details the story of Jack, a young man from Earth who is pulled into a high fantasy parallel universe and has to defeat the evil sorceress … more info...
  • Jumpin Jack

    Jumpin Jack

    Alawar Entertainment - Shareware -
    If you loved the classic platform games of yesteryear -- the ones in which a beloved hero would run and jump his way through simple side-scrolling levels on his way to rescue a kidnapped princess -- then you'll enjoy Jumpin' Jack. more info...
  • Magic Ball 4.0

    Magic Ball 4.0

    Alawar Entertainment, Inc - 8.5MB - Shareware -
    Magic Ball is a highly addictive Arkanoid remake that won't let you go outside for at least a week once you install it. Unlike other Arkanoid clones, Magic Ball prides itself with professional 3D graphics, studio-level sound … more info...
  • Pirateville 1.0

    Pirateville 1.0 - Shareware -
    Pirate stories will never end! They are always about of adventure, love of freedom and love of life itself! Follow a story where magic, love, gold and weapons are woven together with the fate of Jack the Sharpshooter and the … more info...
  • Party Poker 120.0

    Party Poker 120.0

    Party Poker - Freeware -
    Games include Texas Hold 'em (No Limit and Fixed Limit), Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-card Stud and Seven-card Stud Hi-Lo.Players can play for either real money or play money. more info...
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