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lua for windows中文版

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lua for windows中文版

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lua for windows中文版

  • LOVE 0.5.0

    LOVE 0.5.0

    prerude - Open Source -
    LOVE is a 2D game engine that utilizes the Luascripting language to create games. It relies onOpenGL graphics and the SDL interface library toallow for cross-platform implementation and is anall-encompassing gaming environment for … more info...
  • AutoPlay Media Studio

    AutoPlay Media Studio

    Indigo Rose Software - Shareware -
    AutoPlay Media Studio 6.0 is an award winning software development tool that makes it easy to create interactive multimedia software. more info...
  • Spring Engine 95.0

    Spring Engine 95.0

    Spring Engine - Shareware -
    Spring is a versatile 3D RTS game engine. Using extensively Lua for scripting game-specific code to make nearly every aspect of the engine customizable, from GUI, to unit AI, to pathfinding. more info...
  • StrokesPlus


    Rob Larkin - 1.5MB - Shareware -
    StrokesPlus is a lightweight mouse gesture recognition program for Windows. It is written in native Win32/x64 and does not require a hefty runtime like .NET, it only consumes 250-500k of RAM while running, utilizes Lua scripting for … more info...
  • FCEUX 2.3.0

    FCEUX 2.3.0

    FCEUX - Shareware -
    FCEUX is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Famicom, and Famicom Disk System (FDS) emulator. It supports both PAL (European) and NTSC (USA/JPN) modes. It supports both Windows and SDL versions for cross compatibility. more info...
  • MySQL Workbench 8.0.23

    MySQL Workbench 8.0.23

    MySQL AB - 38.2MB - Freeware -
    MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform, graphicaldatabase modeling tool for MySQL. It allows you tocreate database models from scratch as well as byimporting existing databases from SQL orDBDesigner4 models. more info...
  • Asynx Planetarium 2.80

    Asynx Planetarium 2.80

    Asynx Software Inc. - 1.7MB - Freeware -
    Asynx Planetarium is a easy to use planetarium program and solar system simulator. It can display the night sky from any location on earth between the year 1760 and 9999 and covers over 10000 stars, the planets, all messier objects, all 88 … more info...
  • AdVenture Capitalist

    AdVenture Capitalist

    AdVenture Capitalist is an incremental video game developed by Hyper Hippo Productions and published by Kongregate. The game allows players to live like a capitalist, and invest funds into certain products to generate revenue, by starting … more info...
  • Superbike Racers 1.27

    Superbike Racers 1.27

    Superbike Racers - 0.7MB - Shareware -
    3D superbike racing game. Take part in a greatest moto racing competition. Perform stunts to earn points and to get in time to the finish. Practice in the Single Race mode. Compete with your best result in Time Attack mode. more info...
  • ComSpy2


    MK Development - Freeware -
    ComSpy2 is the second generation of a tool developed in 1997. It was originally developed to listen on serial ports and then expanded with LPT, USB Printer interface, File I/O, TCP/IP and UDP. more info...
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lua for windows中文版