edge version 80.0.361.54

The Edge version 80.0.361.54 is a specific release of the Microsoft Edge web browser, which includes various updates, bug fixes, and security improvements.

Here are some software products related to web browsing and internet security that could be of interest to users:

If you are looking for alternatives to Microsoft Edge, here are some other web browsers you may consider:

  • O


    A web browser known for its speed, security features, and built-in ad blocker, as well as a free VPN service. more info...
  • Safari


    Apple's web browser designed for Mac and iOS devices, offering a streamlined user experience and integration with Apple services. more info...
  • V


    A highly customizable web browser with features like tab stacking, notes, and built-in tools for power users. more info...

edge version 80.0.361.54

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