droiver microcular vga bresser

droiver microcular vga bresser

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droiver microcular vga bresser

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droiver microcular vga bresser

  • clear.fi 1.5.2212.35

    clear.fi 1.5.2212.35

    CyberLink Corp. - Shareware -
    Clear.fi is a media sharing system that enables you to sync and share your content across a variety of different devices. more info...
  • Roxio CinePlayer 3.9

    Roxio CinePlayer 3.9

    Roxio - Shareware -
    Roxio CinePlayer is a good Windows 10 DVD player supporting 3D DVDs. Is robust and multifaceted delivering outstanding playing experience. It gives out remarkable output regarding audio and video in DVD playback on the system. more info...
  • Meteor 2.1.0

    Meteor 2.1.0

    Funny Arts - 0.7MB - Shareware -
    This game is available for Hi-Res(+) Palm and Pocket PC devices.There is also an enhanced Pocket PC VGA version specially tuned for VGA devices with crystal clear graphics and smart effects. more info...
  • ATITool Overclocking Utility 0.27

    ATITool Overclocking Utility 0.27

    techPowerUp - Freeware -
    ATITool is an overclocking utility designed for ATI and NVIDIA video cards.Design target is to write a light-weight application for the enthusiast - so no questionable registry tweaks. more info...
  • Thousand Parsec

    Thousand Parsec

    Tim Ansell - Open Source -
    Thousand Parsec is a turn-based space empire building game, as well as a framework for creating a similar group of games, which are often called 4X games (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate). more info...
  • Sapphire TRIXX

    Sapphire TRIXX

    Sapphire Technologies - Freeware -
    TriXX helps users to get the optimum performance from compatible SAPPHIRE graphics cards in any application by allowing them to monitor, tune and save different settings of key parameters for the card.TriXX not only monitors basic … more info...
  • AURELIO 1.2

    AURELIO 1.2

    Ahmed Bahaa - Shareware -
    The world’s first photo and 3Dstereo image viewer that makes use of your vga card's hardware capabilities which enables you for the first time on PC to apply image effects and control their intensity dynamically by mouse wheel or … more info...
  • Basic4ppc


    Basic4ppc - Shareware -
    Basic4ppc is a powerful development environment that targets Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PC) and desktops.Basic4ppc allows you to write code on the desktop or directly on the device.Now you can easily develop your own applications using … more info...
  • RioDVD


    RioDVD - Shareware -
    Software Long Description : RioDVD is a full featured and easy to use DVD player integrating all functions of a standard DVD player. more info...
  • Super Ruler

    Super Ruler

    PocketDevelop Birsi Inc - Shareware -
    SuperRuler is an indispensable tool in your pocket pc! It is not only a precise ruler, but also a protractor and an useful tool for remote measurement.You can test it with a real ruler and will find there is no difference.To have more … more info...
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droiver microcular vga bresser