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clickonce telecharger

  • Object FIX ZIP 1.7

    Object FIX ZIP 1.7

    Regall LLC - 1.1MB - Freeware -
    Object FIX ZIP is the program for repairing ZIP archive files reconstruct the specified Zip file and try to create a new Zip archive recovering files from Zip file where possible. more info...
  • ProGrid 1.0

    ProGrid 1.0

    Surgical Grade Software - Shareware -
    ProGrid is an innovative grid control for Microsoft Windows applications built using the .Net 4.0 framework or higher. Designed by application developers for application developers, ProGrid is powerful yet simple to program and simple to … more info...
  • Xantia DVD Shrink 6.0

    Xantia DVD Shrink 6.0

    Xantia Software - 43.4MB - Shareware -
    Xantia DVD Shrink it's a new dvd software to shrink dvds and backup movies quickly and easily. You can Re-author DVDs and shrink the movie size. The software allows you to edit movie chapters, subtitles and languages in the dvd disk. more info...
  • Invantive Dotnet Optimizer

    Invantive Dotnet Optimizer

    # Free Graphical User Interface for NGENInvantive Dotnet Optimizer provides a graphical user interface to NGEN. It allows you to easily optimize the start time of your Microsoft .NET applications by pre-compiling the executable and related … more info...
  • ClickOnceMore 2.8

    ClickOnceMore 2.8

    Red Sky Software - 1.7MB - Shareware -
    If you're building ClickOnce deployments, then you've probably noticed the lack of available tools to help you. Visual Studio and Mage only cater for basic requirements and provide little support for automating the build process. more info...
  • ClickOnceSetup 1

    ClickOnceSetup 1

    ClickOnceSetup - Shareware -
    ClickOnce is simple to configure and use without leaving the Visual Studio environment. It is easy to deploy the windows based client application using the interactive tool. more info...
  • SpeedTest


    RomanySoft - Shareware -
    Want to know if your speed is fast or slow? It's easy with SpeedTest Pro. Key features: * Test download, upload and ping speed with one simple click. * Analyse and show download, upload, and ping speed trends graphically. more info...
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clickonce telecharger