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bittorent frissités

  • BitZilla 3.7

    BitZilla 3.7

    BitZilla - Freeware -
    BitZilla is an advanced Java based BitTorrent client loaded with powerful configurable features and options bound to ensure a most reliable downloading process. more info...
  • Ares Torrent Downloader 6.8

    Ares Torrent Downloader 6.8

    Bin Artisan LLC - Freeware -
    Ares Torrent Downloader allows you to find media files anytime, anywhere, without any waiting. It connects to major file sharing network such as Kazaa, limewire, bearshare, iMesh and Ares galaxy to get more search results and faster … more info...
  • P2P Torrent Toolbar

    P2P Torrent Toolbar

    P2P Torrent Toolbar - Shareware -
    P2P Torrent Toolbar keeps you up-to-date on the latest P2P Torrent Trackers and digital entertainment. It is an easy to use browser add-on which will improve your internet experience dramatically and you will never go back to how it was … more info...
  • Torrent Captor 3.5

    Torrent Captor 3.5

    TorrentRaptors - Freeware -
    Torrent Captor is a highly-developed BitTorrent client, practical to a wide range of users that was specifically created to make the best out of your limited upload bandwidth. more info...
  • Sapphire P2P Rush 3.4

    Sapphire P2P Rush 3.4

    Sapphire P2P Rush - Freeware -
    Sapphire P2P Rush is a P2P computer program which allows you to get the most out of BitTorrent file sharing by downloading multiple BitTorrent files at once, start/stop seeding and tracking new torrents, all packed in a single compact … more info...
  • SpeedLord 4.7

    SpeedLord 4.7

    P2PHood - Freeware -
    SpeedLord is an all-around acceleration patch no file sharer should go without! It supports all popular BitTorrent p2p clients: a powerful downloading optimization module for … more info...
  • iXcelerator 3.4

    iXcelerator 3.4

    Devhancer LLC - 0.8MB - Freeware -
    iXcelerator is the indispensable tool whose utility no heavy downloader affords to ignore regardless of the p2p he/she is using or the Internet connection available - a universal file sharing accelerator to anyone's liking. more info...
  • WireStack 4.1

    WireStack 4.1

    WireStack - 7.9MB - Freeware -
    WireStack is a newly emerged p2p client that combines all the great features in top file sharing applications. Based on probably the most popular p2p software, Limewire, this program manages to makes the file sharing of … more info...
  • LimeRunner 4.6

    LimeRunner 4.6

    P2PHood - Freeware -
    Limerunner is an easy-to-work with p2p file sharing application designed to help you search and download any type of files from Gnutella and BitTorrent networks which amass tens of millions of users.The program derives from the popular … more info...
  • BitRope Torrents 3.3

    BitRope Torrents 3.3

    Download Boosters - 14.1MB - Freeware -
    BitRope Torrents is a powerful file sharing software that downloads any torrent using increased speeds and efficiency. It comes with a very large number oof functions and options designed to deliver a BitTorrent downloading experience to … more info...
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