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  • Frontbase GPS 1.21

    Frontbase GPS 1.21

    Oy Frontbase Ltd - Shareware -
    GPS Software for Garmin. Download waypoints, routes and tracks from Garmin GPS. Upload waypoints, routes and tracks to Garmin GPS. Excel and Text files supported! This software is very easy to use! more info...
  • GeoCache GPX Grabber - DISABLED

    GeoCache GPX Grabber - DISABLED

    CrookedBush.com Inc. - Shareware -
    Check out THIS SITE as an alternative. Be aware that the unkind folks at Geocaching. com are mean-spirited, and will likely shut this project down at some point in the future. more info...
  • RouteWriter 2.1

    RouteWriter 2.1

    RouteWriter is a new add-in for Microsoft MapPoint that exports route waypoints and matching pushpins to either an Excel spreadsheet or to a text file. more info...
  • GPSUTIL 0.10

    GPSUTIL 0.10

    Brian Hennings - Open Source -
    GPSUTIL is a program to upload and download waypoints from a Magellan GPS unit. It also supports getting the current position, heading, and speed from any NMEA 2.1-compliant GPS. more info...
  • Viking 0.9.6

    Viking 0.9.6

    kavli - Open Source -
    Viking is a GTK2-based GPS data editor and viewer. It can download and show Terraserver maps, import and draw tracks and waypoints over them, add coordinate lines, make new tracks and waypoints, hide different things, and more. more info...
  • Aviascene 2.0

    Aviascene 2.0

    Steve Holland - Open Source -
    Aviascene is a virtual environment for remote exploration. Users can download actual earth topography and surface data from USGS, then go exploring. If they get lost, they can launch an aircraft to reconnoiter. more info...
  • GeoQO 0.96

    GeoQO 0.96

    Wes Hardaker - Open Source -
    GeoQO is a waypoint, geocaching, and waymarkingdatabase. It isextremely fast and offers a wide variety ofutilities for manipulatingwaypoints. Though designed for geocaching andwaymarking, it should beusable for any waypoint management. more info...
  • GPS Utility 5.17

    GPS Utility 5.17

    GPS Utility Ltd - 2MB - Shareware -
    Software for managing and mapping GPS information (waypoints, routes and tracks). Use it for transferring data between GPS receivers and many other software applications. more info...