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  • SplitCam 10.4.39

    SplitCam 10.4.39

    LoteSoft Co. - 81.5MB - Freeware -
    SplitCam by LoteSoft Co. is a versatile webcam software that allows users to enhance their video streaming, video conferencing, and online communication experiences by splitting the webcam feed into multiple applications simultaneously. more info...
  • Fake Webcam 7.4.844

    Fake Webcam 7.4.844

    Web Solution Mart - 3.1MB - Shareware -
    Fake Webcam by Web Solution Mart is a versatile software application designed to simulate a webcam on your system. With this tool, you can stream pre-recorded videos and images as your webcam feed during video calls on platforms such as … more info...
  • Webcam Simulator XP Edition 7.999

    Webcam Simulator XP Edition 7.999

    Webcam Simulator - 3.2MB - Shareware -
    Webcam Simulator XP Edition by Webcam Simulator is a virtual webcam software designed for Windows systems that allows users to simulate a virtual webcam and broadcast files, videos, and images on video chatting applications. more info...
  • M

    Magic Camera (Site License)

    ShiningMorning - Shareware -
    Add cool webcam effects to video chat! Magic Camera lets you add funny photo frames, cool animations, drawing texts, and magic transform effects to any webcam software. more info...