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  • Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.1.1

    Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard 0.1.1

    Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas - Open Source -
    Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a MIDI eventgenerator and receiver. It doesn't produce anysound by itself, but can be used to drive a MIDIsynthesizer (either hardware or software, internalor external). more info...
  • Ambient Grains 3.0.3

    Ambient Grains 3.0.3

    CyberTeam Ltd. - Shareware -
    Ambient Grains is a software tool that automatically generates ambient music and other ambient sounds from music and other sound files, by using a new and innovative method of granular synthesis. more info...
  • Rhino 1.4

    Rhino 1.4

    Big Tick - Shareware -
    Powerful virtual synthesizer plugin with 6 oscillators per voice, a huge selection of waveforms, graphical multipoint envelopes with curvature controls (sync-able to tempo) , dual multimode filters, waveshaper, built-in effects, ... more info...
  • PianoFX STUDIO 4.0

    PianoFX STUDIO 4.0

    Tanseon Systems - Shareware -
    PianoFX Studio 4.0 from Tanseon Systems is an advanced Piano Music Keyboard Synthesizer for the Personal Computer. You can play live piano music using your PC keyboard or mouse without the requirement of a conventional Piano. more info...
  • Music Converter 1.0

    Music Converter 1.0

    MHC - Freeware -
    Music Converter converts MIDI keys to frequencies and note numbers, scales knob values, calculates tuning frequencies, converts loop/delay time to BPM (and vice versa) and calculates the size of samples given sample … more info...
  • Noise Station 1.20

    Noise Station 1.20

    Cornutopia - Shareware -
    Noise Station is music creation software. A synthesizer and sequencer, the software is an advanced system for creating professional music with no other equipment needed. more info...
  • AnaMark 2.25

    AnaMark 2.25

    Mark Henning - 6MB - Shareware -
    VST-Synthesizer for Windows. Discover new soundscapes and a flexible variety of possibilities, you won't find somewhere else! more info...
  • Digital Ear Real-Time 4.1

    Digital Ear Real-Time 4.1

    > What is Digital Ear Real-Time?Digital Ear Real-Time can analyze a recorded or live solo performance (e.g. a singing humanvoice, or a musical instrument) and convert it to a standard MIDI file. more info...
  • Image Line ToxicIII VSTi 1.41

    Image Line ToxicIII VSTi 1.41

    Image Line ToxicIII VSTi - Shareware -
    Toxic III features a hybrid synthesis engine, combining the best of FM and Subtractive synthesis. With the addition of a warm, analog-modeled filter and set of built-in effects, the Toxic concept remains one of convenience, simplicity, and … more info...
  • Gleam Synthesizer

    Gleam Synthesizer

    Miguel Lobo - Open Source -
    Gleam is a software sound synthesizer. It receivestimestamped synthesis events such as note on orprogram change and generates a raw audio stream.Early versions will provide wavetable synthesisbased on the SoundFont 2 standard, but support … more info...