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  • Cactus 4.15

    Cactus 4.15

    Tom Goodale - Open Source -
    Cactus is a general, modular, parallel environment for solving systems of partial differential equations. The code has been developed over many years by a large international collaboration of numerical relativity and computational … more info...
  • spwave 0.6.83

    spwave 0.6.83

    NA - Open Source -
    spwave is a speech file editor supporting several sound formats including WAV, AIFF, MP3, raw, and more. The program is designed for research use, so stability and usability are regarded as important. more info...
  • OpenSG 1.4.0

    OpenSG 1.4.0

    Andreas Zieringer - Open Source -
    OpenSG is an Open Source scenegraph system. Its design goals include highperformance, multithread-safe data handling, high flexibility, extensibility,and portability to Irix, Linux, and Windows. more info...
  • SecurityFocus ARIS Extractor

    SecurityFocus ARIS Extractor

    Walter Ash - Freeware -
    SecurityFocus ARIS Extractor is a sophisticated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) log analyzer and reporting system, integrated with the SecurityFocus ARIS web site. more info...
  • SLRI Bioinformatics Workshop

    SLRI Bioinformatics Workshop

    Michel Dumontier - Open Source -
    The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute (SLRI) Bioinformatics Toolkit is a mainly C-basedcross-platform toolkit for dealing with biologicalinformation, especially protein structure/functioninformation. It is based on the NCBI Toolkit. more info...
  • Vision Egg 1.0

    Vision Egg 1.0

    astraw - Open Source -
    The Vision Egg is a programming library (with demo applications) that uses standard, inexpensive computer graphics cards to produce visual stimuli for vision research experiments. more info...
  • BioConductor: software for bioinformatics 1.1

    BioConductor: software for bioinformatics 1.1

    AJ Rossini - Open Source -
    Bioconductor is a set of packages for R (a GPLdstatistical data analysis language) which focus onbioinformatics data analysis, especially geneexpression arrays (Affymetrix, cDNA spottedarrays). more info...
  • Research Project Helper 0.9

    Research Project Helper 0.9

    adeio - Open Source -
    Research Project Helper is designed to help youwrite a research project by managing your sources,quotes and notes. It is written in Java and usescompressed XML for storage so both application anddata are portable and will run from a floppy … more info...
  • LTI-Lib 1.9.14

    LTI-Lib 1.9.14

    Pablo Alvarado - Open Source -
    The LTI-Lib is an object oriented library with algorithms and data structures frequently used in image processing and computer vision. more info...
  • TrayNote Plus 5.3

    TrayNote Plus 5.3

    AMF - Shareware -
    NEW! TrayNote Plus is the first Internet Enabled Sticky Pad! Don't lose that important e-mail address, phone number, web page address, or even a good joke EVER again! more info...