Tag regular expression

  • Spamihilator 1.6

    Spamihilator 1.6

    Michel Krämer - 2.3MB - Freeware -
    Spamihilator works between your E-Mail client and the Internet and examines every incoming E-Mail. Useless spam mails (Junk) will be filtered out. more info...
  • NewsBin Pro 6.91

    NewsBin Pro 6.91

    DJI Interprises, LLC - 15.3MB - Shareware -
    Newsbin is a multithreaded news robot that automatically downloads and decodes binary posts to usenet newsgroups. Newsbin will take full advantage of high bandwidth internet connections by allowing multiple simultaneous connections to … more info...
  • PowerGREP 5.1.6

    PowerGREP 5.1.6

    JGsoft - Just Great Software - 5.4MB - Shareware -
    PowerGREP is a powerful Windows grep tool. Quickly search through large numbers of files on your PC or network, including text and binary files, compressed archives, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, OpenOffice files, etc. more info...
  • RegexBuddy 3.6.1

    RegexBuddy 3.6.1

    JGsoft - Just Great Software - 8.4MB - Shareware -
    RegexBuddy is your perfect companion for working with regular expressions. Easily create regular expressions that match exactly what you want. Clearly understand complex regexes written by others. more info...
  • HM Find+Rename 1.1

    HM Find+Rename 1.1

    Use HM Find+Rename to search for files in a folder and its subfolders and to rename or sequential number the found files at once, to format the filenames to upper/lowercase/mixed formatting, or to change file date/time and … more info...
  • Seeker


    Veign - Freeware -
    Seeker's has a ultra-fast file search engine on top of a powerful file search algorithm. Searching for files or inside of files Seeker can handle it. more info...
  • UpRight 1.2.2

    UpRight 1.2.2

    Otaku Software - 1.6MB - Shareware -
    Upload Your Web Site With a Single ClickUpRight drastically simplifies uploading files to your web site via FTP, giving you the ability to right-click on files and directories and then select the FTP server you want to upload them to. more info...
  • Better File Select 2.22

    Better File Select 2.22

    publicspace.net - 3.9MB - Shareware -
    Better File Select is a shell extension for the Windows Explorer, which allows users to quickly select multiple files based on a range of criteria. The simplest selection method is through partial file name matches, ie. more info...
  • Bonodi XML Editor 2.12

    Bonodi XML Editor 2.12

    Mervyno - 3.7MB - Shareware -
    Bonodi XML Editor is a multilingual XML editor for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.You can edit XML documents in different languages, including … more info...
  • Fileaze 1.0.4

    Fileaze 1.0.4

    Resolware bt. - Shareware -
    Fileaze is an automation tool for batch file tasks allowing you to execute sequences of operations on a collection of files gathered from local disks and network shares, FTP servers, e-mail attachments and web pages. more info...