Tag realtime

  • Auto Backup 5.3

    Auto Backup 5.3

    Han-soft - 1.8MB - Shareware -
    Automatic backup of your critical data to local disk, Network neighborhood and remote FTP servers. It can work as a service too. more info...
  • Graphic Equalizer Studio 2015 12.0

    Graphic Equalizer Studio 2015 12.0

    PAS-Products - 7.3MB - Shareware -
    Graphic Equalizer works together with Winamp, iTunes in realtime !!! * Mixer Play List (use it like Windows Media Player) *Batch Restoration Tool for your MP3 files ** RMS Level Meter and Peak Level for the Input and Output * integrated … more info...
  • MIDI Auto Accompaniment Section 2.2

    MIDI Auto Accompaniment Section 2.2

    Michael Brick - 0.8MB - Shareware -
    MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section is a software which offers all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard. It comes with realtime chord recognition, style manager, song arranger, recording section, up to 16 fingered and 10 two-finger … more info...
  • .Net Grid 2.10.3

    .Net Grid 2.10.3

    Dapfor - 25.5MB - Shareware -
    The grid was initially designed for electronic financial markets with their stringent requirements to robustness, low consumption of memory and CPU resources, ergonomic and simple user interface and rich API. more info...
  • Jam partner

    Jam partner

    Michael Brick - 1.7MB - Shareware -
    Jam partner is a MIDI auto-accompaniment software which offers all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard. It comes with chord recognition, based auto arranger, LeadSheet editor, recording section, up to 16 fingered and 10 … more info...
  • VCG ShadeVis 1.0

    VCG ShadeVis 1.0

    Paolo Cignoni - Open Source -
    VCG ShadeVis computes a simple, static (but much more correct)per-vertex ambient term. This effect, commonly known as ambientocclusion, is aimed at providing more faithful shading for realtimerendering. more info...
  • Dungeon Inc 0.1

    Dungeon Inc 0.1

    Helge Richter - Open Source -
    Dungeon Inc is a 2D realtime dungeon simulator with limited control by the player. The goal is to create a dungeon where your creatures feel comfortable and where they can survive the attacks from evil heroes looking for fame and money. more info...
  • Heilan 0.13

    Heilan 0.13

    NiallM - Open Source -
    Heilan is a standalone OpenGL X3D browser designedfor audio work. It features a low latencyAmbisonic audio engine, allowing for full 3D soundwith virtually any configuration of speakers. more info...
  • dfg StockAlert XP 3.9.2

    dfg StockAlert XP 3.9.2

    d.f.g - Shareware -
    Receive free of charge real time data from stocks you are interested in. (Unlimited number). Set limits to the stock price and you will receive an alert message (eMail, SMS on the cellular/handy phone) when the value exceeds or drops … more info...
  • Active Jellyfish Screensaver 1.0

    Active Jellyfish Screensaver 1.0

    UnderseaCraft - Shareware -
    This is a jellyfish screensaver all in 3D realtime, showing jellyfishs swimming deep undersea, exhibiting beautiful bioluminescence. Long tentacles are floating behind their body. more info...