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  • WatchDog4.Biz Website monitoring tool

    WatchDog4.Biz Website monitoring tool

    Franz AG - Shareware -
    WatchDog4.Biz monitoring tool periodically performs HTTP, mail and FTP servers availability monitoring and performance monitoring at specified frequency. more info...
  • DiskBoost 1.0.1

    DiskBoost 1.0.1

    Everstrike Software - 1.6MB - Shareware -
    Speed up hard drive operations with a virtual RAM disk! DiskBoost maintains a blazing-fast virtual disk in your computer's RAM, allowing you to make your computer faster by storing frequently accessed files and data in the operative … more info...
  • A-PDF Content Splitter

    A-PDF Content Splitter

    A-PDF.com - Shareware -
    A-PDF Content Splitter is a desktop utility program that lets you split Acrobat files into smaller pdf files base on location and text information within the files. more info...
  • RefNavigator


    RefNavigator - Shareware -
    RefNavigator is a professional bibliography tool for researchers, scholars and students. It is designed to search scientific references from Internet and generate bibliographies. more info...
  • Alcyone Backup 1.0

    Alcyone Backup 1.0

    Alcyonesoft - Shareware -
    Alcyone Backup is a simple but powerful tool for data backup with eye catching skinned interface. Using this utility one can easily back up and store data periodically. Moreover, program has powerful scheduler which is built in more info...
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 2.0

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 2.0

    Microsoft - Shareware -
    Microsoft works to continually improve the performance, security, and stability of the Windows operatingsystem. As part of this effort, Microsoft develops updates, fixes, and other improvements that address issuesreported by the … more info...
  • Recon 0.99.6

    Recon 0.99.6

    BrandXDev - Freeware -
    Recon is an SSL audit tool, checking for common,certificate-related errors in SSL-enabledservices. Provide it a list of SSL services forwhich you are responsible, run it periodically,and Recon will warn you of impending … more info...
  • BookmarkBridge 0.76

    BookmarkBridge 0.76

    Ken Schenke - Open Source -
    BookmarkBridge is a small, easy to use,multi-platform, GUI-based utility that allows theuser to share bookmarks between all theirbrowsers. The user runs it periodically tosynchronize between the browsers. more info...
  • SeeBorg 0.51

    SeeBorg 0.51

    HMage - Open Source -
    SeeBorg is a random phrase bot that will sit in an IRC channel, learning the talk, and periodically replying with something that is generated from the learned dialogue. more info...
  • asRep 1.40

    asRep 1.40

    Mehmet Oner - Shareware -
    asRep is a Perl/PHP script with a MySQL back-end for tracking and reporting the activity of Google AdSense ad units, which Webmasters publish, inreal- time. more info...