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  • CartoWeb 3.1.0

    CartoWeb 3.1.0

    Claude Philipona - Open Source -
    CartoWeb is a comprehensive and ready-to-useWeb-GIS (Geographical Information System) as wellas a convenient framework for building advancedand customized applications. It is based on theUMN MapServer engine. more info...
  • appx BANG! 2.1

    appx BANG! 2.1

    Pete Brower - Open Source -
    appx BANG! (Business Applications Next Generation) is an integrated suite of financial accounting and distribution applications. more info...
  • PhpMyBorder


    PhpMyBorder - Freeware -
    Rounded border styles are being introduced withthe CSS 3 standard. However, this version of CSSis not yet being supported by most of the currentbrowsers in use. more info...
  • PCity 0.1

    PCity 0.1

    S. Paetzold - Open Source -
    PCity is a procedural city generator. It uses aconfiguration file and few maps (e.g. populationdensity or a height map) and can be tuned viavarious parameters. more info...
  • High Level Virtual Machine 0.1

    High Level Virtual Machine 0.1

    Reid Spencer - Open Source -
    HLVM is a toolkit for developing virtual machines for dynamic languages. It is based on LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine), which provides code generation, bytecode, JIT compilation, runtime execution, etc. more info...
  • fb_mhash 1.2.1

    fb_mhash 1.2.1

    Richard Kotal - Open Source -
    fb_mhash is a UDF library for Firebird/Interbase.It implements an interface to the mhash library(libmhash). It support hash, hmac, and keygeneration algorithms, such as SHA1, MD5, MCRYPT,and S2K_SALTED. It support BLOB data. more info...
  • view3dscene 3.0.0

    view3dscene 3.0.0

    Michalis Kamburelis - Open Source -
    view3dscene is a viewer for VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0(aka VRML 97), 3DS, and MD3 files. It supports viewingthe scene in the "Examine" mode and walking in thevirtual world with features such as collisiondetection and gravity. more info...
  • Yawet 0.5

    Yawet 0.5

    ech_naton - Freeware -
    Yawet is a Web test tool that allows you tocreate, run, and debug test cases for Webapplications. It is a Java application for version1.4 or higher. more info...
  • Conformiq Qtronic 1.0.1

    Conformiq Qtronic 1.0.1

    Antti Huima - Shareware -
    Conformiq Qtronic is a solution for model-basedtest generation from system, design, and technicaluse case models. It supports both direct onlinetesting and generation of test scripts for laterexecution. more info...
  • Sleutel 0.7

    Sleutel 0.7

    Marcel - Open Source -
    Sleutel is a multi-platform password manager thatis written using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform(RCP). Its goal is to manage password/ID pairs foraccessing Web sites and to provide an example RCPapplication. more info...