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  • wxDesigner 2.11

    wxDesigner 2.11

    Robert Roebling - Shareware -
    wxDesigner is a dialog editor and RAD tool for the wxWindows C++ library and its popular Python and Perl bindings. It includes a visual dialog editor, a bitmap editor, a syntax-highlighting source editor, and built-in mechanisms for … more info...
  • MagicDraw UML 16.8

    MagicDraw UML 16.8

    Saulius Kaukenas - Shareware -
    MagicDraw is a visual UML modeling and CASE toolwith teamwork support. It is designed for businessanalysts, software analysts, programmers, QAengineers, and documentation writers. more info...
  • CvsGraph 1.6.1

    CvsGraph 1.6.1

    CvsGraph - Open Source -
    CvsGraph is a utility for generation of graphicalrepresentation of revisions and branches from aCVS/RCS repository. more info...
  • IRMA Forms

    IRMA Forms

    dB. - Freeware -
    Irma is a CGI program used to retrieve the information from anHTML form, send confirmation email, and keep track of the dataposted. more info...
  • WilmaScope 3.0.1

    WilmaScope 3.0.1

    Tim - Open Source -
    WilmaScope is a Java3D application that creates real-time 3D animations of dynamic graph (network) structures. It comes with a number of layout algorithm plugins, and supports the easy creation of plugins for new layout algorithms. more info...


    jeff covey - Shareware -
    C/BOOKS consists of nine easy-to-use, fully-integrated accounting software modules that provide tools for working with accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, order entry, inventory control, payroll, fixed assets, job … more info...
  • Scsh 0.6.6

    Scsh 0.6.6

    Eric Marsden - Freeware -
    Scsh is a systems-programming environment forPOSIX systems and Win32, embedded in the Schemeprogramming language. It includes a high-levelprocess notation for writing shell-script likeprograms, with pipelines and redirections. more info...
  • PDF::API2 0.332

    PDF::API2 0.332

    fredo - Open Source -
    PDF::API2 is 'The Next Generation' of Text::PDF::API, a Perl module-chain that facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files. more info...
  • ChipVault


    khubbard - Open Source -
    ChipVault is a chip development program fororganizing VHDL and Verilog designs. ChipVaultdisplays designs hierarchically and provides forrapid design navigation and editor launching.ChipVault provides hooks for performing bottom-uptasks … more info...
  • Chemistry Development Kit 1.0.1

    Chemistry Development Kit 1.0.1

    EgonW - Open Source -
    The Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) is a library ofJava classes for chemo-, bioinformatics,computational chemistry, and chemometrics. more info...