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  • Free Electron

    Free Electron

    A.J. Weber - Open Source -
    Free Electron is a C++ framework facilitating reuse and integration for R&D projects such as simulation, AI, and visual effects. more info...
  • JTree


    Ivan Petrenko - Shareware -
    JTree is a professional Java tree menu applet withXML support, dynamic loading,cross-browser/multiplatform compatibility, and apowerful client-side API. more info...
  • Cassandra 11.2.5

    Cassandra 11.2.5

    artenum - Open Source -
    What is Cassandra?Cassandra supports the complete development process from rapid prototyping to product development and final testing. more info...
  • alphaWorks ezweb 1.0

    alphaWorks ezweb 1.0

    alphaWorks - Freeware -
    Easy Website Builder is an Eclipse-based tool thatenables non-technical users to start with J2EE andbe able to independently create dynamic Web sitesusing a set of wizards, a visual editor, andvarious drag and drop components. more info...
  • Dual DHCP DNS Server 5.2

    Dual DHCP DNS Server 5.2

    Achal Dhir - Open Source -
    Dual DHCP DNS Server is a combined DHCP/DNS serverfor small LANs. Dynamic DHCP allocates/renews hostaddresses, while the caching DNS server firsttries resolving from DHCP-allotted names, thenfrom cache, and only then forwarding to … more info...
  • Decade 0.42

    Decade 0.42

    Thomas Paviot - Open Source -
    Decade allows dynamic motion simulation in CatiaV5 and SolidWorks. Decade is for designers,students, and teachers of mechanical engineeringwho need to verify the performance aspects ofvarious mechanisms. more info...
  • PhpMyBorder


    PhpMyBorder - Freeware -
    Rounded border styles are being introduced withthe CSS 3 standard. However, this version of CSSis not yet being supported by most of the currentbrowsers in use. more info...
  • Alpha Shooter 0.0.3

    Alpha Shooter 0.0.3

    Nicola Cocchiaro - Open Source -
    Alpha Shooter is a 3D OpenGL first-person shooter game with a sci-fi setting. It features multi-platform support (Linux, Mac OS X, CygWin, and Windows), a 3D environment built with OpenGL, GLU, and GLUT, dynamic lighting, a shooting … more info...
  • Naviserver 4.99.1

    Naviserver 4.99.1

    Vlad Seryakov - Open Source -
    NaviServer is a versatile multiprotocol server originally based on AOLserver . It can be easily extended in either C or Tcl to create interesting Web sites and services.Main features include high performance multithreaded … more info...
  • StrangeWiki


    Pete - Open Source -
    StrangeWiki uses Web 2.0 concepts to integrate aWiki with a dynamic interface that people willfind easy to use. It is still in a developmentstage, but is very usable. more info...