Tag Tetris

  • Alizarin Tetris 1.0.6

    Alizarin Tetris 1.0.6

    Kiri Wagstaff - Open Source -
    Alizarin Tetris is a Tetris-like game with a twist for Unix, Win32, and BeOS systems. It includes multi-player support, user-extensible color, shape, and sound styles, can use TCP/IP networking, and features a few different AI opponents. more info...
  • FlashTris


    FlashCode - Open Source -
    FlashTris is a Tetris-like game. It featuresmultiple players over the Internet or a localnetwork, team games, bonus levels, play versuscomputers, a pieces editor, and many otheroptions. more info...
  • SDLBlock 1.2

    SDLBlock 1.2

    Melex - Open Source -
    SDLBlock is a 3d Tetris game, a clone of BlockOutand XBlockout. It uses SDL, OpenGL, and SDL_Mixer,and runs under Windows and Linux. more info...
  • TETRIS Queen 1.4.1

    TETRIS Queen 1.4.1

    David A. Capello - Open Source -
    TETRIS Queen is a Tetris clone with a "destroyer"mode as well as the classic gameplay. more info...
  • Treasure Fall 1.2

    Treasure Fall 1.2

    Mountain King Studios Inc. - 3MB - Shareware -
    Treasure Fall is a classic item matching puzzle game that anyone can play. Uncover the secrets of the enchanted treasure and use them to cast powerfull magical spells for bigger rewards. more info...
  • Blocks 3D 1.1

    Blocks 3D 1.1

    Jorrit Tyberghein - Open Source -
    Blocks 3D is yet another 3D puzzle game thatresembles Tetris a bit. The goal of the game is tofill planes of blocks so that they disappear. Thegame uses Crystal Space and is thus hardwareaccelerated using OpenGL. more info...
  • Gemhun


    Oktay Acikalin - Open Source -
    Gemhun is a game in which the player groupstogether gems or stones of a chosen amount whichwill then disappear. It features many differentgame modes, and supports themes and network play.It is inspired by Frozen Bubble, Tetris, and … more info...
  • Tutris 1.0.1

    Tutris 1.0.1

    Jarmo Hekkanen - Open Source -
    Tutris is a very simple tetris clone written usingSDL. It is a good example for the purpose oflearning game development. more info...
  • PyPebbles 0.1

    PyPebbles 0.1

    Christian Berg - Open Source -
    PyPebbles is another little Tetris-like game. It involves moving pebbles around a board to form lines of three or more which will then disappear, letting other pebbles fall down. It uses the PyGame library and should run on many platforms. more info...
  • QuadrOs 0.1

    QuadrOs 0.1

    Dmitry Osinovsky - Open Source -
    QuadrOs is Tetris and Pentix clone, withmultiplayer capability, smooth graphics, and manycustomizable options. more info...