• Adobe SVG Viewer 3.03

    Adobe SVG Viewer 3.03

    Adobe Systems Inc. - 2.3MB - Freeware -
    Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 supports much of the W3C Recommended Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Specification published on 4 September, 2001. more info...
  • ImageMagick


    ImageMagick Studio LLC - Open Source -
    ImageMagick® is a software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. It can read, convert and write images in a variety of formats (over 100) including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, and TIFF. more info...
  • Contenta-Converter PREMIUM 8.4.2

    Contenta-Converter PREMIUM 8.4.2

    JanSoft - 19.2MB - Shareware -
    Batch convert your photos. Optimize photos for internet, batch rename and organize in subfolders. Practical tool to prepare email attachments.Handles 50+ image formats … more info...
  • Amaya 11.4.7

    Amaya 11.4.7

    INRIA and W3C - 13.9MB - Open Source -
    Amaya is a Web editor, i.e. a tool used to create and update documents directly on the Web. Browsing features are seamlessly integrated with the editing and remote access features in a uniform environment. more info...
  • BOUML 4.2

    BOUML 4.2

    diemer - Open Source -
    BOUML is a UML 2 tool box that allows you tospecify and generate code in C++, Java, IDL, andPHP. BOUML is very fast and doesn't require muchmemory to manage several thousands of classes.BOUML is extensible, and the external tools … more info...
  • Dico 1.0

    Dico 1.0

    Dico is a Java application to display databaseschema. It allows importing database schema froman existing database (Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, and PostgreSQL), offers acustomizable display of tables and relationships,and allows … more info...
  • Sodipodi 0.34

    Sodipodi 0.34

    Lauris Kaplinski - Open Source -
    Sodipodi is a general purpose vector drawing application which uses a subset ofW3C SVG as its file format. It uses an advanced imaging engine with antialiaseddisplay, alpha transparency, and vector fonts. more info...
  • Tux Paint Default Stamps

    Tux Paint Default Stamps

    Tux Paint Default Stamps is a collection ofhundreds of "rubber stamp" images (and associateddescriptions and sound effects) for the children'sdrawing program, "Tux Paint." Both PNG and SVGimages are included. more info...
  • Slime UML 1.0.1

    Slime UML 1.0.1

    Michael, Slime support - Shareware -
    Slime UML (SLIm Modelling Environment) is a slim,fast, and powerful UML plugin the Eclipse platform. It makes it simple to document Java code, reverse-engineer existing source code, andvisualise complex Java libraries, even … more info...
  • Ikaros Simulation Framework 1.0

    Ikaros Simulation Framework 1.0

    Janne - Open Source -
    Ikaros is a framework for writing and running component-basedsimulators. It is used for simulations of brain areas and learningmodels, but is general enough to be easily used for any discrete-timesimulations. more info...