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  • ComStation Rescue

    ComStation Rescue

    OTS Software - Freeware -
    ComStation Rescue is a 3D, 3rd Person Space Game. The Wymacet Horde is back and they have captured ComStation C12. You must eliminate all Horde Warriors from C12. If you leave even one, you mission has failed! mer info ...
  • Commando Xenidis 1.3

    Commando Xenidis 1.3

    Eric Behme - 48,4MB - Shareware -
    Commando Xenidis is a Top-Down Action Spacegame for one up to 4 players featuring different worlds, lots of spaceships and monsters, lots of extra-weapons etc. mer info ...
  • Penguins Arena 1.5

    Penguins Arena 1.5

    Frogames - 20,7MB - Demo -
    An innovating, nervous, funny and colorfull FPS: the real First Penguin Shooter!It all begins when a penguin legend comes to life in the form of Sedna, the ancient Penguin Goddess. Global warming, pollution… Penguin tribes are endangered. mer info ...
  • Western bank 1.0

    Western bank 1.0

    StuGroup - Shareware -
    Western Bank – western shooting-game. Bandits are robbing one bank and the main hero is trying to save the bank from many enemies, attacking from different directions. The bank is big, so you will fight in several rooms. mer info ...
  • Alien Shooter - The Experiment 1.2

    Alien Shooter - The Experiment 1.2

    Sigma Team - Shareware -
    Alien Shooter - The Experiment, addon for original game mer info ...
  • Armada Tanks 1.0

    Armada Tanks 1.0

    Enkord - 9,4MB - Shareware -
    Försvara din militärbas och besegra alla dina fräcka fiender! Du kan förbättra dina vapen, utrustning och tanken själv genom att köpa uppgraderingar. mer info ...
  • Medusa's Lair 1.0.0

    Medusa's Lair 1.0.0

    dots software GmbH - Shareware -
    Medusa's Lair is a 3D first person shooter (FPS) game. You have entered Medusa's Lair, a large, cavernous den crawling with Medusa's evil spawn. You must fight your way through this confusing and winding lair to destroy Medusa. mer info ...
  • DarkSide


    Pi Eye Games - Shareware -
    For 200 years we have been mining our solar system's asteroid belt in peace. All that changed the day the Krainian Empire invaded our outer territories. mer info ...
  • Pirate Cliff 1.0

    Pirate Cliff 1.0

    FreeGamePick.com - 12MB - Freeware -
    Protect your island and treasures from evil pirates! You are a young pirate and just got your first treasure. The secret is out and you are being chased by another gang of pirates trying to take it all away from you. mer info ...
  • Alien Exterminator 1.0.0

    Alien Exterminator 1.0.0

    dots software GmbH - Shareware -
    Alien Exterminator is a 3D first person shooter game. You are an alien exterminator and you have been sent to a space station that is infested with aliens. You must kill as many aliens as you can and survive. mer info ...