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  • R for Windows 3.5.1

    R for Windows 3.5.1

    R Development Core Team - 70,4MB - Freeware -
    R är en fri programvara miljö för statistiska beräkningar och grafik.R ger en mängd olika statistiska (linjära och olinjära modellering, klassiska statistiska tester, tidsserier analys, klassificering, klustring,...) och grafiska … mer info ...
  • K-3D 0.8.01

    K-3D 0.8.01

    Timothy M. Shead - Open Source -
    K-3D är en 3D-modellering, animation och rendering system för GNU/Linux & Win32. Funktioner inkluderar skapande och redigering av geometri i flera real tid OpenGL solid, skuggade och textur-mappade vyer; obegränsat ångra och … mer info ...
  • R 2.7.2

    R 2.7.2

    Friedrich Leisch - Open Source -
    R är ett språk och miljö för statistiska beräkningar och grafik. Det är liknande till S, som utvecklades vid Bell Laboratories av John Chambers et al. mer info ...
  • CAMFR 1.2

    CAMFR 1.2

    Peter Bienstman - Open Source -
    CAMFR (CAvity Modelling FRamework) is a fast,flexible, and friendly full-vectorial Maxwellsolver. Although it can tackle generalelectromagnetic problems, its main focus is onapplications in the field of photonics, likelasers or photonic … mer info ...
  • PGDesigner 0.5

    PGDesigner 0.5

    hardgeus - Open Source -
    PGDesigner is a simple data modelling tool for PostgreSQL. It currently supports graphically creating tables and columns, drag and drop foreign key creation, loading and saving models to a file, and is able to generate SQL code from your … mer info ...
  • Slime UML 1.0.1

    Slime UML 1.0.1

    Michael, Slime support - Shareware -
    Slime UML (SLIm Modelling Environment) is a slim,fast, and powerful UML plugin the Eclipse platform. It makes it simple to document Java code, reverse-engineer existing source code, andvisualise complex Java libraries, even … mer info ...
  • Designer Framework 1.0

    Designer Framework 1.0

    Nadir Weibel - Open Source -
    Designer Framework is a highly customizable e-commerce framework. It automatically builds e-commerce interfaces that support a product's contraints and properties and can be used to model the product to be sold, automatically and … mer info ...
  • The PEP tool 2.4

    The PEP tool 2.4

    hybrid - Open Source -
    PEP is a modeling and verification framework forparallel systems. It provides a large number ofdifferent modelling languages (e.g. SDL, B(PN)^2,Petri nets, Process algebras and Finite Automata),and verification techniques (e.g. mer info ...
  • Humano2 5.0.9

    Humano2 5.0.9

    Marijn Vriens - Open Source -
    The Humano2 platform makes it possible to createbusiness applications ranging from CRM, Help Desk,and ERP to Collaboration with a visual modellingenvironment. mer info ...
  • Qanava 0.0.10

    Qanava 0.0.10

    Achilles Talon - Open Source -
    Qanava is a C++ library designed to display graphson a Qt canvas. Qanava provide classes to generatevarious layouts of directed graphs and visualizetheir nodes with custom styles on a graphiccanvas. mer info ...