• UpdateStar Premium Edition 14.0.1933

    UpdateStar Premium Edition 14.0.1933

    UpdateStar - 8.2MB - Commercial -
    UpdateStar 10 offers you a time-saving, one-stop information place for your software setup and makes your computer experience more secure and productive. more info...
  • UpdateStar AppCleaner 3.4.7815.23434

    UpdateStar AppCleaner 3.4.7815.23434

    UpdateStar - 1MB - Freeware -
    AppCleaner is UpdateStar's lean and powerful freeware to find and delete obsolete data and files on your computer. It protects your privacy and optimizes computer performance and security. It is small, easy to download, and easy to use. more info...
  • UpdateStar Drivers 14.0.0

    UpdateStar Drivers 14.0.0

    UpdateStar - Commercial -
    97% of all computer problems are caused by missing, corrupt or outdated device drivers. To solve these problems, you most likely need to download new device drivers. However, not just any driver will do. more info...
  • UpdateStar Online Backup

    UpdateStar Online Backup

    UpdateStar - Commercial -
    UpdateStar Online Backup means secure, unlimited and user-friendly backup. Data disasters can strike in many ways. Chances are you have precious data stored on your PC or netbook. more info...
  • UpdateStar Product Key Finder

    UpdateStar Product Key Finder

    UpdateStar - 4.8MB - Demo -
    Product Key Finder helps you to safeguard licenses and activation keys for software products installed on your local computers or remote network computers. more info...
  • UpdateStar SigParser 4.0.5898.21235

    UpdateStar SigParser 4.0.5898.21235

    UpdateStar - 0.7MB - Commercial -
    SigParser simplifies the creation of Outlook contacts from e-mail signatures or addresses on web pages. SigParser recognizes the different components of the contact information such as last name or zip code automatically from an email … more info...
  • UpdateStar Password Finder 8.0

    UpdateStar Password Finder 8.0

    UpdateStar - Commercial -
    Password Finder helps you to search and find passwords, user names and other related information stored and hidden on your local computers or remote network computers. more info...
  • UpdateStar Local Backup 4.0.235

    UpdateStar Local Backup 4.0.235

    UpdateStar - 10.6MB - Commercial -
    Local Backup backups your important files and folders automatically. If you want to backup photos, videos and other important files on an external USB stick the software copies the original files as well as all changed versions of the the … more info...
  • UpdateStar Video Converter

    UpdateStar Video Converter

    UpdateStar - 8.3MB - Commercial -
    Video Converter allows you to easily download videos. Video Converter also supports downloads from more than 750 other video websites, including MySpace, Yahoo Video, MetaCafe. more info...
  • UpdateStar Repair

    UpdateStar Repair

    UpdateStar - Commercial -
    Repair is your all-in-one product to keep your computer in shape - now with real-time monitoring. Repair additionally includes 20 diagnostics and repair modules. more info...