Jetico, Inc.

  • BestCrypt 9.03.21

    BestCrypt 9.03.21

    Jetico, Inc. - 12MB - Shareware -
    BestCrypt is easy-to-use, powerful data encryption software. You allocate a portion (container) of free space of your drive where you keep all your sensitive data in encrypted form. more info...
  • BCWipe 6.09.22

    BCWipe 6.09.22

    Jetico, Inc. - 3.5MB - Shareware -
    BCWipe ensures that another person will not restore files you have deleted from a disk. When you delete sensitive files from a disk on your computer, Windows does not erase the contents of these files from the disk - it only deletes … more info...
  • Jetico Personal Firewall

    Jetico Personal Firewall

    Jetico, Inc. - 3.5MB - Shareware -
    Jetico Personal Firewall protects your computer from unwanted hacker's attacks from outside as well as from malicious programs "living" secretly inside your computer's memory and hard drive. more info...
  • BCArchive 2.6.6

    BCArchive 2.6.6

    Jetico, Inc. - 3MB - Freeware -
    With BCArchive software you may encrypt and compress a group of files/folders to an encrypted archive (i.e. single file). You may store all you confidential files in such archive accessing it whenever you need it. more info...