GcMail Monika Verse

  • GcMail 10.0.8

    GcMail 10.0.8

    GcMail Monika Verse - 17.1MB - Data Only -
    GcMail is a very flexible Mailclient which offers a great variety of configuration options, yet is easy to use.GcMail is a program which is suitable for the casual user, as well as the “Power- User” in an office environment. more info...
  • GcMail Safe 2.1.5

    GcMail Safe 2.1.5

    GcMail Monika Verse - 1.7MB - Shareware -
    Simple, small, non-overloading secure password manager that keeps your passwords absolutely safe. Your data is not stored on an external server or in the cloud. more info...