Bartłomiej Okonek

  • easyHDR 3.15.2

    easyHDR 3.15.2

    Bartłomiej Okonek - Demo -
    With easyHDR, get your digital photos closer to what you've seen with your own eyes. Say goodbye to unwanted over- and underexposures.EasyHDR is an image processing software that produces and tone maps High Dynamic Range images. more info...
  • easyHDR PRO 3.15.2

    easyHDR PRO 3.15.2

    Bartłomiej Okonek - Shareware -
    EasyHDR PRO is an image processing software. It produces tone maping by High Dynamic Range Images (HDR). An HDR image (radiance map) is computed from a sequence of photos of the same scene taken with an Automatic Exposure Bracketing (Auto … more info...